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Teacher-Led Field Trips

Create your own agenda and lead your students on a field trip to their national park! We understand that planning your own field trip is a challenge. Our online resources will help you prepare yourself and your students for an educational excursion to the park.

The park is a great setting to enhance your lessons on life sciences, earth sciences, or history/social studies. Organizing a field trip after studying a particular unit is very beneficial. Reinforce classroom lessons through experiential learning at the park! Browse the park's curriculum materials, or search the entire National Park Service for lesson plans and teacher resources. You can also download our Teacher's Guide to learn more about the park and get ideas on what to do with your students.

If you are leading your own field trip, be sure to fill out and send us an Academic Fee Waiver to ensure your free entry into the park. Contact us about our Resource Bin to use for your day at the park - it contains field guides, rock samples, activity supplies and more!

While at the park, we encourage teachers to expose their students to as much of the outdoor environment as they can. Below are some quick suggestions for things to do at the park (more information and suggestions can be found in the Teacher's Guide).

North Unit:
- Explore the Little Mo Trail for a nice park introduction
- Hike the Caprock Coulee Trail to learn about park geology
- Spend time at Juniper Picnic Area for lunch and activities

South Unit:
- Adventure through a prairie dog town
- Experience the Little Missouri River near Peaceful Valley Ranch
- Visit the Maltese Cross Cabin that Theodore Roosevelt used in the 1880's

Get a high-resolution copy of our Teacher's Guide.

Last updated: January 15, 2018

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