Image of one legged rooster
Roosevelt Pets

The Roosevelt children had lots of pets! Read about them here.

Black and white image of TR & horses
TR & Horses

Learn about the family horses!

Image of bird taxidermy
TR is for the birds!

Learn about TR's interest in and conservation of birds throughout his life!

Sepia portrait of Theodate Pope Riddle, architect
A memorial to Theodore Roosevelt

Learn about how a memorial was constructed for Theodore when he passes.

sepia image of 19th street row houses
How did New York look when TR was a kid?

Learn how the neighborhood appeared when TR was a child.

Image of construction to 28 E. 20th st.
The story of the re-created birthplace.

Learn the story behind the re-created structure you can tour today!

TR standing up in back of car, greeting crowd
Milwaukee: 1912

Learn the story of TR and what memorable event happened in his life while in Milwaukee in 1912.

Martha Bulloch and Theodore Roosevelt Sr.
Mittie, Thee, and the North/South Divide

Confederate Southern belle marries elite New York City bachelor just prior to the Civil War...and their child becomes president? Yes!

Image of TR standing in Yosemite National Park.
Theodore Roosevelt & Conservation

Learn about TR's legacy of conservation and how its rooted in his childhood!

Image of a campaign pin with a little stuffed bear hanging on it.
TR's famous Bear Hunt

Learn the story of how Teddy Bears came to be!

color photograph of Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

It takes a lot to keep a historic landmark well taken care of. Learn about a project to replace the rugs in the historic rooms.

Black and White photograph of Theodore Roosevelt sitting at desk writing
TR the Author

TR authored many books. Discover their titles here!

Image of Theodore Roosevelt, his wife and six children
Family is Important!

Learn about those who were influential on TR

photo of an old telegram
TR and the River of Doubt

Theodore Roosevelt & the River of Doubt

Sepia picture of TR on horseback in formation with other men riding horseback
TR and the Rough Riders

Learn more about TR as a Rough Riders during the Spanish American War in 1898

Last updated: August 25, 2021

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