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Fountain Paint Pot Trail

Bubbling tan, gray, brown, and pink mudpots in the crater of Fountain Paint Pot.

Along Fountain Paint Pot Trail you will see various hydrothermal features that are expressions of Yellowstone’s still active volcano. Within this geologic system, each type of thermal feature is represented. They can be grouped into two general categories—those with a great deal of water (hot springs and geysers) and those with limited water (mudpots and fumaroles). Despite their structural similarities, no two features are exactly alike.

Notes: Thermal activity throughout this entire area. Stay on the boardwalk at all times.

Check out the hike details and accessibility information at the bottom of this page.

30-45 Minutes
Front-Country Hiking
Pets Allowed
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.

This trail begins at the Fountain Paint Pot parking lot.

This trail is accessible via snowmobile and snow coach in the winter.
Time of Day
Any Time
Accessibility Information

This trail is completely along a boardwalk. However, there is a steep grade between Silex Spring and Fountain Paint Pot, as well as some steps near Twig Geyser.

Yellowstone National Park

Close-up look at the mudpots of Fountain Paint Pot
The bubbling mudpots of Fountain Paint Pot

NPS/Dave Krueger

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Last updated: November 15, 2017