Paintbrush Canyon - Cascade Canyon Loop

A hiker walks up the trail in a mountain canyon.

This strenuous 19 mile loop takes you up Paintbrush Canyon, over Paintbrush Divide to Lake Solitude, and back out Cascade Canyon. The trail offers some of the most spectacular views in the park, with the 10,700ft Paintbrush Divide offering panoramic views of Mount Moran, Mount Woodring, and Rockchuck Peak. From Lake Solitude, hikers have a direct view of the Grand Teton and Mount Owen. Hikers should plan on a full day to hike the loop. Before attempting the loop, stop by the Jenny Lake Ranger Station to speak with a ranger about conditions on Paintbrush Divide, as the divide often holds snow until mid-July and can be dangerous if attempted without the proper snow equipment.
The Paintbrush-Cascade Loop Trail is a very strenuous 19 m/30.6 km loop trail, with 4350ft elevation gain. 
general fee is charged to enter Grand Teton National Park.
Park at the String and Leigh Lakes Trailhead for access to the Paintbrush-Cascade Loop Trail.
Permits are required for those planning to stay overnight in the backcountry. Visit the backcountry page to learn about obtaining a permit.
The Paintbrush-Cascade Loop is best accessed in summer after the snow melts, and in fall before the first snow arrives. Paintbrush Divide is a steep divide and often holds snow until July. Hikers should use caution when traveling over snow and not attempt the Paintbrush-Cascade Loop unless they have previous snow experience and the proper equipment.
Accessibility Information
Paintbrush Canyon-Cascade Canyon is a strenuous 19 mile (30.6 km) loop trail, with 4350ft elevation gain. Trail obstacles include bridge crossings, steps, exposed roots and rocks, and steep switchbacks. Trail crosses a skree field that holds snow late in the year.

Last updated: May 13, 2021