Field Operations Division

The Commander, Field Operations Division, is responsible for all operational activities of the Force in the Washington metropolitan area and San Francisco Field Office. The Field Operations Division is comprised of the Patrol Branch, the Criminal Investigations Branch, and the San Francisco Field Office.

Patrol Branch

The Patrol Branch consists of two districts (East and West), Support Services, and the Criminal Investigations Branch. The Patrol Branch Commander directly supervises the District Commanders, the Commander of the Criminal Investigations Branch and the Watch Commander. The Watch Commander is charged with supervising the Shift Commanders Office, the Traffic Safety Unit, the Commander of the Horsemounted Patrol Unit, and the Commander of the Guard Force.

The East District is comprised of the Greenbelt Station, which is located within Greenbelt Park, and the Anacostia Station, located in Anacostia Park. Greenbelt Station personnel patrol the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, certain adjacent Federal areas, and Greenbelt Park.Anacostia Station personnel patrol the Suitland Parkway and such parks as Fort Washington, Fort Dupont, Oxon Hill Children's Farm, Fort Stanton, and Piscataway.

The West District is comprised of the George Washington Memorial Parkway Station, located on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, and the Rock Creek Station, located in Rock Creek Park.George Washington Memorial Parkway Station personnel patrol such parks as Fort Hunt,LBJGrove, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Turkey Run Farm, Great Falls (Virginia and Maryland), C&O Canal (Maryland), Carderock Picnic Areas, Iwo Jima Memorial, and Wolf Trap Farm Park for the Performing Arts, as well as the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Rock Creek Station personnel patrol Rock Creek Park, Glover Archbold Park, Fort Totten, C&O Canal (DC), Battery Kemble, Meridian Hill, Fort Slocum, and others.

The Criminal Investigations Branch consists of detectives and plainclothes investigators who are responsible for the investigation of major crimes, and narcotic and vice laws. The Branch is composed of three sections--Major Crimes, the Identification Unit and Special Investigations. The Major Crimes Section investigates all major crimes, including homicide, rape, and armed robbery. Within the Major Crimes Section is the Identification Unit, which assists the detectives/investigators in the forensic aspects of criminal investigations by collecting, preserving, and processing evidence and recovering latent fingerprints.

The Special Investigations Section handles resource/environmental crimes, juvenile cases, narcotics/vice investigations and crime statistics. The Narcotics/Vice Unit concentrates on street-level drug trafficking by targeting the source of drugs used/sold within the National Parks.

San Francisco Field Office

The San Francisco Field Office is located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and is headquartered at the Presidio in San Francisco, California. This Field Office is responsible for all law enforcement within designated areas of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Presidio.

Last updated: February 26, 2015