Data Sets and Tools

A park staffer collecting GPS coordinates near an Alaska glacier
Surveying the Nisqually Glacier at Mount Rainier National Park, Washington


This page contains links to spatial and tabular data, data tools such as APIs, and information on data standards. Data sets developed by NPS are also shared through, the federal government's open data site.

Geospatial Data

Below are frequently requested geospatial data sets. You can also find geospatial data in the IRMA Data Store. Using the advanced search option allows you to enter specific criteria to narrow your search results.

  • National Park Service unit boundaries - data to use for display and general GIS analysis (not intended for engineering or legal purposes). Updated regularly.
  • NPS GIS, cartography, and mapping - a starting point for NPS geospatial resources; links to national GIS programs.
  • NPS ArcGIS Online - featured spatial content, maps, and applications.
  • Vegetation maps - geospatial and tabular data products resulting from standardized vegetation inventories in over 270 parks.
  • Geology maps - geospatial and tabular data products. May include bedrock, surficial, and special-purpose maps such as geomorphological or geologic hazard maps. See associated data model.
  • NPS Geodiversity Atlas - data on the range of geology, cave/karst, and soil resources in parks.
  • Landscape Dynamics Map Viewer - measured indicators include population density, road density, areas without roads, impervious surfaces, and more. About Landscape Dynamics.
  • NPMap - a suite of web map tools available to NPS staff and partners; includes a suite of base maps and links to the NPS symbol library.

Other Data Sets - Tabular and Spatial

REST Services and APIs

  • GIS data services directory - REST endpoint for public ArcGIS Server web services.
  • IRMA Services - data sets for applications hosted on the IRMA portal, including park units, taxonomy, NPSpecies, park statistics, Data Store, landscape dynamics, and hydrographic impairment.
  • Water Quality Portal web services - includes discrete (lab sample) NPS water quality data.
  • NPS APIs - authoritative NPS content about parks and facilities, events, news, alerts, and more.

Data Standards

Last updated: January 25, 2021


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