Web mapping tools for the NPS

The NPMap suite of web map tools enables NPS employees and partners to tell the story of the nation's most cherished places using innovative mapping techniques and technologies. Maps built using NPMap Builder, Park Tiles, NPMap.js, and the NPMap Symbol Library make these places come alive for visitors to our national parks.

Park Tiles

Park Tiles is a suite of online basemaps designed to fit the National Park Service’s graphic identity. Built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Park Tiles basemaps can be used as stand-alone reference maps, or customized web maps with additional data overlays. Park Tiles uses data from NPS national enterprise datasets to depict features within park boundaries. Outside of park boundaries, Park Tiles relies on OpenStreetMap data to provide additional context. While Park Tiles is only available to National Park Service employees for use in the agency's digital products, it provides an important way to share information with visitors.



NPMap Symbol Library

The NPMap Symbol Library is the National Park Service’s web map icon set. The Symbol Library has a clear and distinctive graphic identity that is based on the map symbols developed by the Harpers Ferry Center for its print brochure maps. Each of the pictographic symbols has been carefully adapted to address legibility and accessibility needs specific to the web. This attention to detail helps us provide a clear window into the large number of amenities, services, and attractions offered by our national parks.

NPMap Builder

NPMap Builder (also known as “Builder”) walks users through the process of building beautiful, accessible, and usable maps step-by-step and deploying them to either or a standalone website. Builder uses the other NPMap tools listed below, wrapping them in a simple, targeted interface designed to be used by National Park Service employees who have no experience writing code or building maps. Maps built using this tool adhere to NPS graphic identity standards and make extensive use of the the powerful Leaflet web mapping library. NPS employees can access the internal version of Builder at (NPS-only) while connected to the agency’s network.

Maps developed with Builder can be found all across, including the map of VA clinics shown below.

Last updated: December 5, 2023