Landscape Dynamics

Landscape Dynamics measure the environments in and around our National Parks; for example, past and current changes in population, road locations, land cover, or land use. This information helps us understand changes and trends that are occurring, and it helps park staff when making planning and management decisions.

About Landscape Dynamics

Landscape Dynamics are part of the Environmental Setting National Protocol, which is currently under final review. Landscape Dynamics provide summary statistics for landscape-level indicators for use in natural resource management, planning, and interpretation. The statistics are also used by ecologists and other park scientists in analyses, reports, and park projects.

Indicators measured include population density, road density, areas without roads, generic land cover, impervious surfaces, land-cover pattern density, and land-cover pattern morphology.


Rainbow Bridge National Monument; a massive red sandstone arch against blue sky

Landscape Dynamics Map Viewer

Explore available data layers with the Landscape Dynamics Map Viewer. Create simple maps for use in documents and reports

Last updated: August 14, 2018