Policy Memoranda and Related Guidance

Policy Memoranda are an option for creating policy within the NPS Directives System. Signed by the Director of the National Park Service, they fill simple, urgent, or interim policy needs. They may also be used to set broad policy direction and objectives across one or more relevant Director’s Orders. The content may be incorporated into an existing or proposed Director’s Order. Service-wide review of Policy Memoranda is decided on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about Policy Memoranda, refer to Director’s Order #1, section 8.

List of Policy Memos and Related Guidance

Number Title Approval Date Related Documents
07-01 Authorizing Activities through Leases vs. Concession Contracts 5/29/2007
07-02 Policy on Use of Alcoholic Beverages in NPS Facilities 12/05/2007
07-03 Interim Policy for Scientific and Scholarly Code of Conduct, Peer Review, and Information Quality 2/6/2008 NPS Interim Guidance Document Governing Code of Conduct, Peer Review, and Information Quality Correction (2008)
08-01 Review requirements for contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements 3/14/2008
11-01 Minor employees in park housing 2/24/2011
11-02 Social Media--Interim Policy 12/15/2011
11-03 Disposable Plastic Water Bottle Recycling and Reduction Rescinded 8/16/2017
12-01 National Heritage Areas Program 3/14/2012
12-02 Applying NPS Management Policies in the Context of Climate Change 3/06/2012
13-01 Official Travel Driving Policy 4/03/2013 Attachment #1 – Fact Sheet
Attachment #2 – FAQs
14-01 Interpretation of 36 CFR 2.52 – Free Distribution of Message-Bearing Items 1/28/2014 Director's Order #53: Special Park Uses
14-02 Climate Change and Stewardship of Cultural Resources 2/10/2014
14-03 Employee Fitness - Interim Policy Superseded by RM-50B, chapter 26 (Employee Wellness Program)
14-04 Developing a New Framework for National Park Service Partnerships and Philanthropic Stewardship in the 21st Century Superseded by Director’s Order #21
14-05 Unmanned Aircraft – Interim Policy 6/19/2014 Reassignment of Approval Authority (4/05/2017)
Reassignment of Approval Authority for Wildland Fires (2/21/2018)
Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations and Procurement Policy Update (11/1/2022, restricted access)
15-01 Addressing Climate Change and Natural Hazards for Facilities 1/20/2015
15-02 Employee and Volunteer Participation in Commercial Filming 8/31/2015 Director's Order #53: Special Park Uses
Reference Manual 53
15-03 Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems 9/10/2015
16-01 Resource Stewardship for the 21st Century – Interim Policy Superseded by Director’s Order #100
16-02 Significant Use Restrictions or Closures of Park Areas to Accommodate Special Events 9/21/2016 Director's Order #53: Special Park Uses
Reference Manual 53
18-01 NPS Uniform Program – Amendments to Director’s Order #43 8/07/2018 Director's Order #43: Uniform Program
Reference Manual 43
Attachment – USPP General Order 31.03
18-02 Use of Service Animals by Visitors with Disabilities 10/18/2018 Director's Order #42: Accessibility for Visitors with Disabilities
19-01 Electric Bicycles Superseded by NPS regulations on e-bikes (36 CFR 4.30(i))
20-01 Use of Prison Work Details in Units of the National Park System 7/09/2020 Attachment #1 – (Federal) Interagency Agreement Template
Attachment #2 – Guidance to NPS Employees Monitoring Federal Inmates
Attachment #3 – (State, etc.) Cooperative Agreement Template
Attachment #4 – (State, etc.) Task Agreement Template
22-01 Managing Special Events and Demonstrations in National Cemeteries 8/15/2022 Director's Order #61: National Cemetery Operations
Reference Manual 61
22-02 Reporting Visitor Injuries and Deaths - Interim Policy 8/25/2022 Director's Order #50C: Public Risk Management Program
22-03 Fulfilling the National Park Service Trust Responsibility to Indian Tribes, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians in the Stewardship of Federal Lands and Waters 9/12/2022 Office of Native American Affairs
23-01 Adoption of Nationally Recognized Building Codes 5/9/2023
23-02 Use of the Arrowhead Symbol by National Heritage Areas 7/12/2023 Special Directive 93-7: use of the NPS Arrowhead Symbol
Policy Memorandum 12-01: National Heritage Areas Program

Last updated: December 14, 2023