Director's Orders and Related Guidance

Director’s Orders are an “executive summary” of important policies and procedures. Director’s Orders that:

  • interpret Management Policies,

  • outline requirements for National Park Service functions, programs, and activities,

  • delegate specific authorities and responsibilities to subordinate staff,

  • may articulate new or revised policy between updates of Management Policies.

Reference manuals, handbooks, and other supplemental materials contain detailed procedures to carry out the requirements of Management Policies and Director's Orders. They are named and numbered to correspond with the associated Director's Order(s).

List of Director's Orders

The chart lists approved or assigned Director's Orders and related Level 3 guidance. An asterisk marks Director's Orders that are being developed or will be developed later. Learn more about the policy development process.

A note about "Sunset Dates:" Some older Director's Orders have sunset dates that have come and gone. They are still valid, so National Park Service employees should continue to abide by them. When an older Director's Order is updated, the sunset date is replaced with wording that says the updated policy will remain in effect until revised, superseded, or rescinded.

Number Title Approval Date Related Guidance (reference manuals, handbooks, and other supplemental materials)
1 NPS Directives System 11/14/2008 Policy Development Process
Policy Waivers
2 Park Planning 1/11/2021 Management Policies, Chapter 2
Reference Manual 2 (RM-2, under development)
3 Reserved
4 Diving Management 5/4/2003 Reference Manual 4: Diving Safety and Operations Manual (RM-4)
Field Manual 4: Diving Safety and Operations Manual (FM-4)
5 Paper and Electronic Communications 7/10/2000 NPS Washington Office Correspondence Manual (June 2018)
6 Interpretation and Education 1/19/2005
7 Volunteers-in-Parks 3/15/2016 Reference Manual 7 (RM-7)
8 Reserved
9 Law Enforcement Program 3/23/2006 Reference Manual 9 (RM-9, internal access only)
10A Design and Construction Drawings 4/15/2003
10B Drawing and Map Numbers 4/8/2010 Reference Manual 10B (RM-10B)
11A Information and Technology Management 4/4/2005
11B Ensuring Quality of Information Disseminated by the NPS 10/16/2002 Policy Memorandum 07-03: Interim policy pertaining to scientific and scholarly code of conduct, peer review, and information quality correction
11C Reserved
11D Records and Electronic Information Management 1/06/2012 Records and information management procedures and schedules (internal access only)
12 Conservation Planning, Environmental Impact Analysis, and Decision-Making 10/5/2011 NEPA Handbook
13A Environmental Management Systems 1/1/2009 Reference Manual 13A (RM-13A)
13B Solid and Hazardous Waste Management*
14 Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration 9/28/2004 Damage Assessment and Restoration Handbook
15 NPS Frequency Management Guidance 2/4/2015 Radio Communications Reference Handbook (RH-15, internal access only)
16A Reasonable Accommodation for Applicants and Employees with Disabilities 5/4/1999
16B Diversity in the National Park Service 3/29/2012
16C Reserved
16D Equal Opportunity and Zero Tolerance for Discrimination 12/28/2011
16E NPS Anti-Harassment Policy 4/19/2018 Reference Manual 16E (RM-16E)
17 Tourism 9/28/1999
18 Wildland Fire Management 1/16/2008 Reference Manual 18 (RM-18)
19 Reserved
20 Agreements 7/23/2003 Policy Memorandum 08-01: Review requirements for procurement contracts, grant agreements, and cooperative agreements (revised policy)
21 Donations and Philanthropic Partnerships 12/28/2016 Reference Manual 21 (RM-21)
22 Recreation Fees 5/14/2010 Reference Manual 22A: Recreation Fees (RM-22A, internal access only)
23 Reserved
24 Museum Collections Management 9/03/2008 Museum Handbook
25 Land Protection 1/19/2001 Reference Manual 25 (RM-25)
26 Youth Programs 11/08/2002 Youth Conservation Corps Reference Manual
27 Challenge Cost-Share Program*
28 Cultural Resource Management 6/11/1998 NPS-28: Cultural Resource Management Guideline
Policy Memorandum 14-02: Climate Change and Stewardship of Cultural Resources
28A Archeology 10/12/2004 Archeology Guide (NPS-28A, Archeology Reference Manual)
28B Ethnography*
28C Oral History*
29 Reserved
30 Reserved
31A Travel Procedures*
31B Relocation Policies (Interim policy, effective 1/9/2015) Policy Memorandum 13-01: Official Travel Driving Policy
DOI Permanent Change of Station Policy Handbook
32 Cooperating Associations 6/07/2010 Reference Manual 32 (RM-32)
Appendix to RM-32
33 Learning and Development 11/14/2008
34 Superintendent's Compendium*
35A Sale or Lease of Park Services, Resources, or Water in Support of Activities Outside the Boundaries of National Park Areas 7/8/2004
35B Cost Recovery for National Park Service Provided Utilities 12/31/2011 Reference Manual 35B (RM-35B)
36 Housing Management 2/21/2024 Reference Manual 36 (RM-36, internal access only)
Policy Memorandum 11-01: Minor Employees in Park Housing
37 Reserved
38 Real Property Leasing 1/19/2006 Reference Manual 38 (RM-38)
RM-38 Memo: Waiver of Appraisals for Leasing
Policy Memorandum 07-01: Leasing vs. Concession Contracts or CUAs
39 Ocean and Coastal Resource Management*
40 Dam Safety and Security Program 5/25/2010 Reference Manual 40 (RM-40)
41 Wilderness Stewardship 5/13/2013 Reference Manual 41 (RM-41)
42 Accessibility for Visitors with Disabilities 11/3/2000 Policy Memorandum 18-02: Use of Service Animals by Visitors with Disabilities
43 Uniform Program 10/1/2000; amended 8/7/2018 Reference Manual 43
Policy Memorandum 18-01: Amendments to Director's Order #43 (8/7/2018)
44 Personal Property Management 2/8/2008 Reference Manual 44
45 National Trails System 5/24/2013 Reference Manual 45
46 Wild and Scenic Rivers 5/1/2015 Reference Manual 46
47 Soundscape Preservation and Noise Management 12/1/2000
48A Concession Management* Management Policies, Chapter 10
Policy Memorandum 07-01: Leasing vs. Concession Contracts or CUAs
48B Commercial Use Authorizations* Management Policies, Chapter 10
Policy Memorandum 07-01: Leasing vs. Concession Contracts or CUAs
49 Reserved
50A Workers' Compensation Case Management 3/30/2003
50B Occupational Safety and Health Program 9/3/2008 Reference Manual 50B, also PDF (RM-50B)
Policy Memorandum 13-01: Official Travel Driving Policy
NPS Loss of Human Life Response Handbook (2013)
Interagency Serious Accident Investigation Guide
50C Public Risk Management Program 5/7/2010 Reference Manual 50C (RM-50C, internal access only)
50D Smoking Policy 6/29/2009 Policy Memorandum 15-03: Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
51 Emergency Medical Services 9/19/2005 Reference Manual 51 (RM-51, internal access only)
52A Communicating the NPS Mission 1/31/2001
52B Graphic Design Standards*
52C Park Signs 9/29/2003 NPS Sign Standards
52D Use of the Arrowhead Symbol* Special Directive 93-07: Use of the NPS Arrowhead Symbol
53 Special Park Uses 2/23/2010 Reference Manual 53
Reference Manual 53B: Rights-of-Way
Policy Memorandum 15-02: Employee and Volunteer Participation in Commercial Filming
Policy Memorandum 16-02: Significant Use Restrictions or Closures of Park Areas to Accommodate Special Events
54 Management Accountability*
55 Incident Management Program 1/2/2008 Reference Manual 55 (RM-55)
56 International Activities 4/2/2011
57A Medical Standards Program 1/9/2014 Reference Manual 57A (RM-57A)
57B Employee Fitness* Policy Memorandum 14-03: Employee Health and Fitnes - Interim Policy
58 Structural Fire Management 1/5/2022 Reference Manual 58 (RM-58)
Other Structural Fire Related Guidance and Plans
59 Search and Rescue*
60 Aviation Program 7/3/2012 Reference Manual 60 (RM-60)
61 National Cemetery Operations 1/12/2021 Reference Manual 61 (RM-61)
62 Property Acquisition*
63 Geographic Names* Staff Directive 80-4: Geographic Name Proposals
Policies, Principles, and Procedures
64 Commemorative Works and Plaques*
65 Explosive Use and Blasting Safety 5/25/1999
66 FOIA and Protected Resource Information*
67 Copyrights and Trademark*
68 Notification Protocol for Conduct of Employee Investigations 1/5/1998
69 Reserved
70 Internet and Intranet Publishing 1/8/2001 Policy Memorandum 11-02: Social Media - Interim Policy
Digital Community Site (internal access only)
71A Relationship with American Indian Tribes (see Management Policies, section 1.11) Superseded
71B Indian Sacred Sites*
71C Consultation with Indian and Alaska Native Tribes*
72 Receiving or Generating Individual Indian Trust Data
73 Reserved
74 Studies and Collecting*
75A Civic Engagement and Public Involvement 8/30/2007
76 Legislative and Congressional Affairs 3/11/2005 Reference Manual 76, Part A: Legislative Support Data Package Guidance
77 Natural Resource Protection* Reference Manual 77 (RM-77)
77-1 Wetland Protection 10/30/2002 Procedural Manual 77-1 (PM 77-1)
77-2 Floodplain Management 9/8/2003 Procedural Manual 77-2 (PM 77-2)
77-3 Domestic and Feral Livestock Management*
77-4 Use of Pharmaceuticals for Wildlife 3/26/2021
77-5 Bioengineered Organisms*
77-6 Reserved
77-7 Integrated Pest Management*
77-8 Endangered Species*
77-9 Fisheries Management*
77-10 NPS Benefits Sharing 12/19/13 Benefits Sharing Handbook
78 Social Science 10/7/2002
79 Integrity of Scientific and Scholarly Activities 9/19/2012
80 Real Property Asset Management 11/20/2006 Policy Memorandum 15-01: Addressing Climate Change and Natural Hazards for Facilities
81 Employee Surveys*
82 Public Use Data Collecting and Reporting*
83A Public Health Protection and Disease Prevention 4/28/2023 Reference Manual 83A: Public Health—Protection and Prevention (RM-83A)
83B Public Health Promotion—Healthy Parks Healthy People*
84 Library Management & Information Discovery Services* Reference Manual 84*
Special Directive 94-1: NPS Library Program
85 Reserved
86 Reserved
87A Park Roads and Roadways* Park Road Standards (1984)
87B Alternative Transportation Systems*
87C Reserved
87D Non-NPS Roads 12/14/2000
88 Reserved
89 Acquisition and Management of Leased Space 3/5/2003
90 Value Analysis 12/9/2020 Value Analysis Tools and Templates
91 Reserved
92 Servicewide Workforce Management 3/30/2010 Human Resources Policies, Memos, and Advisories (internal access only)
93 Conflict Resolution 7/3/2001
94 Reserved
95 Energy and Minerals Management*
100 Resource Stewardship for the 21st Century Rescinded 8/17/2017

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