The Servicewide sign program was formally assigned to Harpers Ferry Center upon approval of Director's Order 52C in September, 2003. The NPS Sign Program at HFC continues to maintain the national standards and provide assistance to parks with designing and implementing signs. The goal of sign planning is to improve the visitor experience. Every proposed sign should have a purpose, a reason for interrupting the landscape. Each decision point should be addressed with a sign to keep visitor moving towards their destination.

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NPS personnel can find the
NPS Sign Standards on the National Parks Service Sign Program website and the NPS Sign Program Arrowheads in NPGallery.

ID Sign Single Image 1

Park Identity

Identity signs display the name of a park or important site and facilities in a park. These signs greet our visitors and typically give them a photo opportunity. The Arrowhead reminds them that the place they are entering is part of a system of parks cared for by the National Park Service.

Motorist Guidance Sign

Motorist Guidance

Motorist Guidance Signs provide directions to motorists traveling to, or within parks. They also display traffic regulations (including parking control) and information about road hazards.

VIS Sign

Visitor Information System (VIS)

VIS signs provide information to visitors who are on foot, riding bicycles, or traveling by motor vehicle at very low speed. These signs can include trailheads, trail directionals, orientation, resource protection, and safety.

Last updated: February 25, 2020