Celebrate National Invasive Species Awareness Week!

National Invasive Species Awareness Week 2024 will take place during the last week of February:
February 26 - March 3

a group of people pose for a photo outdoors with a sign that says "weed wrangle"
Volunteers participate in a "weed wrangle" to remove invasive species.

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National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) is an annual multi-agency event to raise awareness about invasive species. This annual event is typically in the last week of February. Invasive species are a serious challenge for our parks and connected ecosystems. Join the celebration by learning more about what invasive species are, how they spread, and what we all can do to help prevent them.

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Join a Webinar

The North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) hosts educational webinars on priority invasive species issues the week of NISAW Other organizations may host webinars also. The 2024 NISAW webinar series is listed below. Get more information and register on the NISAW events page.

What are Invasive Species?

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Native species, non-native species, invasive species, pests....what’s the difference? Don’t worry, we break it down for you in this video.

Invasive Species Basics

Invasive Species Prevention

The ideal way to address invasive species is to keep them from establishing in a new area in the first place—to stop the spread. There are a variety of simple sterps a visitor can take to ensure that they are not transporting invasive species into, around, or out of a park. Find out how you can help stop the spread before and after you recreate and even by taking action at home.

Stop the Spread!

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    What You Can Do

    Just a few steps can prevent the spread of invasive species.

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    Conservation at Home

    Invasive species are not just a problem in national parks — they're a problem worldwide. Find out how you can help stop the spread at home.

I Didn't Know That! Series

What We Do

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