Invasive Animals

Our nation’s national parks are managed to preserve unimpaired America’s natural and cultural resources. This mission is under a deep and immediate threat as a consequence of invasive animal species.

Despite these challenges, there are bright spots where parks are managing invasive species challenges, as well as opportunities for the National Park Service (NPS) to take a lead in addressing the threat. Successfully maintaining America's treasures - the national parks - will require coordinated and innovative action to manage invasive animal species.


Highlighted invasive species of concern

Some invasive animals can completely reorganize an ecosystem and provide park staff with a constant challenge to manage properly under the new circumstances. Explore some featured stories from parks and their invasive species challenges.


Invasive Animal Management in National Parks

Prevention and early detection are key to effective management of invasive animal species. The longer an invasive species survives, the more expensive and more unlikely it is for parks to successfully remove that species.

Staff at all levels of the NPS work to manage invasive animals. Park and regional staff implement strategies locally to deal with invasive animals. Although there is some overlap, the Biological Resources Division generally addresses terrestrial invasive plants and animals, while the Water Resources Division addresses aquatic invasive species at the national level.

Contact the Biological Resources Division for questions on invasive animal species in national parks.

Learn more about invasive species management in parks under What We Do.

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    Last updated: February 25, 2019