Semiquincentennial Grants

The Semiquincentennial Grant Program is a new program created by Congress in 2020 to honor the 250th anniversary of the United States by restoring and preserving State owned sites and structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places that commemorate the founding of the nation.

For the purposes of this grant program, the "founding of the nation" is defined as the period ending December 31, 1800. This end date corresponds to the election of 1800, as the peaceful transfer of power following the contested election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson represents a hallmark of democracy and a pivotal moment in American history. The founding of the nation does not have a defined starting period.

Historic resources supported by this program may include those associated with the political ideas, well-known individuals, pivotal events, or sites of conflict typically thought of in conjunction with this period of American history. However, archeological sites, cultural landscapes, and built resources can all successfully illustrate concepts of "nationhood" and "America" regardless of where they are located. Such resources may reflect what people thought and did and lived, and thus illustrate the lifeways, folkways, foodways, people, places, events, and condition of culture and society during the formation of the country.

Important Eligibility Information

  • Only resources that are both State owned and listed in the National Register of Historic Places (including National Historic Landmarks) individually or as contributing to a listed district at the time of application are eligible for this program.

  • Buildings, structures, sites, districts, and objects considered significant for their association with people, places, or events between the earliest known resources and December 31, 1800 may be considered as associated with the "founding of the nation."

  • While the resources to be supported by this program must be owned by a State government, eligible applicants may also include local governments, non-profit organizations, public and non-profit institutions of higher education, and tribes that are partnering with States.

  • Eligible costs for this program include architectural/engineering services (not to exceed 20% of the subgrant) and physical preservation projects.

When funding is available, application packages must be submitted using in response to a notice of funding opportunity number under Assistance Listing (formerly CFDA) 15.904.

Links to Application Information

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    Program Fact Sheet

    A short summary of the Semiquincentennial Grant Program that has general information on funding priorities, project and applicant eligibility, and upcoming important due dates and deadlines.

    Fact sheets are intended to provide an overview of the grant program. Full application details and requirements will always be outlined in the Notice of Funding Opportunity posted to

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    Semiquincentennial Informational 2022

    People, Places, & Stories of the Revolution Across the National Park Service

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      Helpful Links for Grantees and Applicants

      To learn more about the ways that the National Park Service is connected to the preservation of historic sites nationwide, check out the links below. Feel free to look up specific properties listed as National Historic Landmarks or properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places using these sites.

      Last updated: May 5, 2022