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The Find Your Park campaign invites people everywhere to discover that a park can be more than a single place. It can be a trail, a heritage area, a seashore, a feeling of inspiration, or a sense of community that comes from volunteering.There is a national park in every state, and hundreds more local, state, and other public lands across the country. Using the links below you may find your park right in your own "backyard"! If your park is on Earth, it probably has a geologic story to tell.
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Find Your Park in America's National Parks!
There are many ways to find your park, and many places you can find it. Want to know where to start your journey? You can begin by searching Parks Near You.
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Find Your Park in America's State Parks!
America's State Parks work to enhance the American quality of life by capturing the collective strength and importance of the great park systems developed in the 50 states
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Find Your Park in America's National Natural Landmarks!
The National Natural Landmarks Program recognizes and encourages the conservation of sites that contain the best examples of biological and geological features in both public and private ownership. There are currently 597 designated National Natural Landmark sites within 48 states, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Approximately one-half of these landmarks are on public lands.
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Find Your Park through America's Scenic Byways
America's Scenic Byways offer wonderful opportunities to travel to the parks and see a variety of geologic landforms. There are even Scenic Byways that connect parks using a geologic theme.
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Find Your Park in America's Trails!
America's trails provide easily accessible places to get exercise and connect with nature in both urban and rural areas. Trails in the 50 states offer opportunities for Americans to explore local and regional geologic landscapes.

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