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How does one effectively communicate climate change through spoken words, curriculum, and creative media? It may seem overwhelming to consider what medium to use, how to use it, and when to use it when communicating your idea. This section is a collection of some of the best examples, crowdsourced from professionals. Explore, practice, repurpose, and use so you are on your way to communicating climate change.


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Discover a variety of printed materials in the Publications section. Browse through newspapers, brochures, articles, and fliers.
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Creating an exhibit on climate change? The Exhibits section highlights effective examples of visitor center and wayside exhibits.
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Social Media
Seeking “likes”, retweets, and engaging dialog? Facebook, Twitter, and other social media communication examples and best practices are found in our Social Media section.

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Some parks are creating and presenting formal programs specifically about climate change, and others are integrating climate content into existing programs, walks and talks.


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The Graphics section showcases some effective visual illustrations and photography.

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Audio & Video
Here you'll find some of the best short and long videos, interviews, and soundbites produced about climate change.


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Framing and Communication Guides
There are many different approaches to talking about the implications of climate change, taking advantage of particular “frames” of reference. Here are some ideas.

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Facilitated Dialogue and Controversial Issues
With practice, a thoughtful interpreter can almost always preempt conflict and turn controversy into an opportunity for connection for the visitors. Find out how!

Curriculum Resources

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For Educators
Educators and Interpreters, go forth and teach climate change using proven and tested Curriculum Resources.

For Managers

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Peruse a collection of planning materials you can adapt when embarking on your next climate change initiative.

Last updated: June 30, 2016


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