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Repeat photography, and photography in general, can be a powerful tool in communicating climate change. Illustrations, too. This section contains a collection of visual media assets that can be used as props in programs, images on a website or in publications. Please browse through this collection and attribute credit to the artist or photographer.
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The Climate Change Response Program's Flickr page has free public domain photographs related to climate change that can be used for any purpose.
Photo of glacier retreat in Katmai
Repeat Photography in National Parks of Southwest Alaska
Learn more about the science of repeat photography and view photo pairs from parks including Klondike Gold Rush, Glacier Bay, Gates of the Artic, Kenai Fjords, and Denali.
Grinnell Glacier recession

Glacier National Park Repeat Photography Project
View and download high resolution photo pairs of glaciers from the USGS in Glacier National Park. These pairs show the effect of climate change on the park's glaciers.

Glacier recession animation

Glacier recession animation
This model was developed by the USGS Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems Program in 2003. It shows changes in ice features and vegetation at Glacier National Park from 1850 to 2100. The model predicts that the park's glaciers will be gone by 2030. But the current rate of melting has surpassed the predicted rate, meaning that researchers believe the glaciers will be gone earlier than 2030.

Last updated: February 5, 2024


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