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Video is everywhere, and your audience will watch a video if they are hooked within the first 10 seconds. To compete for attention against other videos, watch and learn from the examples found here. What production techniques speak to you? Long and short messages are listed here; be able to identify the right length for your intended purpose and audience.

National Park Service videos

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The NPS Climate Change Response Program Youtube channel has videos on a variety of topics.

  • The seven Science of Climate Change videos explore climate impacts to various national parks including Everglades, Kenai Fjords, Great Smoky Mountains, Point Reyes, Sequoia-Kings Canyon, and the National Mall and Memorial Parks.
  • The two Climate Conversations videos discuss the importance of park interpreters and the role that cultural resources parks play in telling the story of climate change.
  • The two Explaining Climate Change videos explain basic climate change principles through simple science experiments.
  • The four Managing Parks videos dive deeper into the management issues that climate change creates as parks determine how to best adapt.
  • The five Envisioning the Future videos are 1-2 minutes in length and feature interviews with the NPS Director, park employees, and partners about how they remain hopeful for the future.
Screenshot from Watershed Down

Yellowstone InDepth - Watershed Down
Snowfall in Yellowstone melts into rivers that span the continent from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Scientists are documenting significant changes in the amount of snow that falls here as well as the intensity and timing of spring runoff. These trends could affect everything you see when you come to the park, as well as everyone and everything living downstream.

PBS Digital Studios

Climate Science: What You Need to Know
This science-heavy video explains - in just a few minutes - why we know climate change is happening and why we know humans are causing it. It may be worth watching a few times to capture the details and provides a great starting point to understanding the big picture of climate change science.

Why People Don't Believe in Climate Science
This follow-up video explores the social science aspects of climate change, examining why it is a difficult issue for humans to confront and unite together to tackle. It also introduces the concept of "frames," which you can learn more about in the Frames section of the toolkit.

The Climate Change Song
Set to the tune of the traditional song "Wildwood Flower," The Climate Change Song features verses explaining the science and effects of climate change as well as how to respond.
A Song of Our Warming Planet
What does climate change sound like? Listen as a cello's notes correspond with rising temperatures over the last 100+ years.

Last updated: January 24, 2017


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