Aviation Careers

A fixed-wing aircraft for the NPS sits at a dock on the water

A Challenging and Rewarding Career

The excitement and skill of flying, combined with incredible scenery and the opportunity to help people -- that's what awaits you when you begin a career in National Park Service aviation. Obtaining an NPS aviation job is challenging and very competitive, but it can be one of the most rewarding and meaningful jobs you could ever do. Here you will learn about the types of aviation jobs available in the National Park Service and about how to work towards obtaining such a job.

Visit the Aviation Program pages to learn more about the specific requirements for aviation jobs in the National Park Service.

View the current listings of aviation jobs available in the National Park Service. All job opportunities are listed on the federal government job site, USAJobs.gov.

NPS Aviation Jobs Information

Pilot preparing an external load at Cedar Grove

Types of Aviation Jobs

Seasonal and full-time positions with the NPS that relate to aviation and their basic duties and qualifications.

Helitack crewmembers standing next to a helicopter.

How to Obtain an Aviation Job

Many opportunities exist to work in a national park. Learn more about aviation-related careers and basic duties and requirements.

NPS Aviation Employment Listings

Current Job Opportunities

Last updated: December 18, 2017