A Hard Earned Victory

The Battle of Stones River began on the last day of 1862 and was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Civil War. The battle produced important military and political gains for the Union, and it changed forever the people who lived and fought here. Read More

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9 minutes, 12 seconds

This 9-minute film captures the human drama that played out during the Battle of Stones River resulting in one of the most important Union victories of the Civil War.

Painting of Confederate soldiers wading across a river while under fire.
Discover the Battle of Stones River

Learn how the Battle of Stones River changed the course of the Civil War.

A cannon sits in the foreground of an ice covered field.
History & Culture

Learn about the many layers of history found in the park's landscapes and collections.

Wild turkeys perch of the national cemetery wall.

Learn more about the unique natural resources and ecosystems that make up the battlefield.

A Union cannon fires and flames belch from the muzzle.
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Check out the array of talks, walks, tours and special events presented by employees, volunteers and partners.

Volunteers clean up trash from a stream near Fortress Rosecrans.
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Friends of Stones River NB

Support our preservation and interpretation efforts by joining the Friends of Stones River National Battlefield.

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