Locomotive Shut Down Tour

CP 2317, a steam locomotive, sits in one of the stalls of Steamtown's restored roundhouse.
Steam locomotive Canadian Pacific 2317 sits on one of the service tracks in the Roundhouse.  Shutting down a locomotive is not as easy as shutting down a car. 

NPS Photo, Ken Ganz

Preparing a steam locomotive for a period of overnight inactivity isn't as simple as turning off the ignition on your car! Observe the 90-foot turntable in action as it aligns the locomotive with it's assigned roundhouse bay for service. Join a Ranger or Volunteer inside the roundhouse to observe some of the shutdown procedures.

Departs from the Visitor Center. Included in the Park Entrance Fee.

Possible heat and noise warning; excessive noise warning at scheduled boiler wash intervals.

Last updated: December 6, 2016

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