Two signs on a post. Red sign on top announces danger and to expect trains at any time. Yellow sign below encourages visitors if they see something, to say something.
Safety signage is on display throughout the park and in the rail yard.  Please observe posted signage and know where you can go.

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Train and Railyard Safety

  • Trains are large and can move at any time. Assume that ALL tracks are active and that a train can be on it at any time.
  • The railroad tracks present a tripping hazard, whether they are above ground or embedded in concrete, wood, or macadam.
  • Not all of the cars and locomotives in the Steamtown collection have been stabilized. Please do not climb on any of the railroad equipment.
  • Steam locomotives sometimes release live steam from the cylinders under the front of the locomotive. This live steam can be dangerous.
  • Steamtown National Historic Site is an active industrial heritage site. Please supervise your children at all times.
  • Cinders from operating steam locomotives can cause eye irritation. If you get a cinder in your eye, do NOT rub it. Be sure to blink repeatedly, and the tears should wash the cinder out. If it does not, contact a Park Ranger or Volunteer for assistance.
  • Individuals with breathing difficulties need to be aware that steam and smoke are part of the steam railroading experience and may create breathing difficulties.
  • Other hazards may present themselves. Please exercise caution at all times during your visit.

Last updated: April 19, 2022

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