Central Railroad of New Jersey Combination Car #303

Central Railroad of New Jersey Combine Car #303, painted in dark green paint with railroad name and car ID in gold lettering
Central Railroad of New Jersey Combination Car #303

NPS Photo

Central Railroad Company of New Jersey, Combination Car #303

Class: CA. Builder: Pressed Steel Car Company, 1926. Series: #269-#304. Maximum seating: 51 passengers. All steel car with standard 4-wheel trucks. Purchased by High Iron Company in 1968 from the CNJ, exchanged with Steamtown Foundation in 1971. Restored by Steamtown NHS, 1995. A postal form found in the car dated July 12, 1964 documents that the car operated on Train #2421 between New York City and Allentown, PA. Operational and handicapped accessible.

Last updated: August 24, 2016

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