EarthCam image from Roundhouse & Turntable webcam
Roundhouse and Turntable webcam image at Steamtown NHS


Roundhouse and Turntable EarthCam

In partnership with EarthCam, the National Park Service is excited to offer this LIVE webcam of our Roundhouse and Turntable complex! If you are planning a visit, you can get a feel for the museum complex. If you are unable to visit just now, you can watch and listen to the action LIVE during our seasonal excursion season, April - November!

Turntables were primarily used by railroads during the steam era. Locomotives awaiting light-duty maintenance and repairs were moved from yard tracks onto the turntable by a hostler. The turntable operator would then use controls to operate the electric motors that powered the turntable to rotate, aligning the turntable tracks with those for an available maintenance bay in the roundhouse. When servicing and minor repairs of that locomotive were complete, it would be backed onto the aligned turntable again, and rotated again to align with yard tracks that allowed the locomotive to return to revenue service or await a new assignment.

Some quick info about the EarthCam equipment:

-- StreamCam HD with Audio
-- 2 megapixel high resolution images
-- Camera streams broadcast-quality video at full frame
-- Unique double locking mount ensures jitter-free transmission

Last updated: August 21, 2018

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