Steamtown Volunteer-in-Park Introductory Letter

Dear Potential Volunteer:

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Steamtown National Historic Site. Below are Park Divisions and descriptions of some of the volunteer positions available at the park. Please use the appropriate Job Title when completing the “Volunteer Application for Natural Resources Agencies” [USDA-USDI Optional Form 301].

Visitor Information & Tour Guide/Interpretation

Visitor Information & Tour Guide/Interpretation volunteers provide assistance to visitors to enrich their enjoyment and understanding of the park. Annual training is required in March and April. Specific duties may include:

Visitor Information Desk – Staffing the information desk in the Visitor Center and providing basic information and directions concerning the park, Scranton, and the Lackawanna Valley. Serves as the initial point of contact with visitors.

Fixed Exhibit/Docent Stations – Providing information at specific exhibits such as the Railway Post Office car, Cut-a-way Locomotive, etc.

Car Host – Staffing the excursion train coaches to provide visitor assistance and information about the route, historic equipment, etc.

Docent/Tour Guide – Leading groups and providing historical information during walking tours of selected areas of the park.

Railroad Operations/Train and Locomotive Department

Volunteers in the Railroad Operations department serve as engineers, fireman, conductors, trainman and yardmasters. Due to federal regulations, these positions require extensive [up to 40 hours] mandatory initial and annual training. Depending on staffing and scheduling, it can take up to 5 years to become qualified as a steam locomotive engineer. You will also be asked to serve a number of hours in the restoration/locomotive shops. Volunteers with demonstrated railroad experience are encouraged to apply. Training is usually held between January and April of each year.

Please indicate on the application form if you have prior railroad experience. Indicate years of experience, name of railroad, and the type of experience.

Locomotive/Restoration Shops & Roundhouse

Volunteers in the locomotive/restoration shops work on the maintenance/restoration/rebuilding of steam and diesel locomotives and passenger coaches that are being restored for operation and exhibit in the museums. Work involves carpentry, welding, use of cutting torch, woodworking, painting and the use of hand and power tools. Experience as a machinist is especially helpful but not necessary, and training is provided.

Volunteers in the Roundhouse prepare operating locomotives for daily operations. Work includes the use of hand and power tools, welding and torch cutting, assembly and disassembly of parts, etc. Experience is helpful but not necessary, and training is provided.

Please indicate on the form if you have if you have prior locomotive/restoration shop & roundhouse experience. Please describe your experience and the number of years.

Building and Grounds Maintenance

This program offers volunteers the opportunity to work in facilities performing painting, electrical, carpentry, HVAC and grounds work. Work includes the use of hand and power tools.

Please describe any Buildings and Grounds experience on the application form.

Research/Librarian & Historical Preservation

These positions are part of our Cultural Resources department. Volunteer positions include:

Librarian – Processing books and periodicals.
Researcher – Research and data compilation.
Oral History – Assists in interviewing former railroaders about their work experiences.
Museum collection – Assists with cataloging of historic objects.

Processing Procedure:

Complete and mail the application (please print) to:

Steamtown National Historic Site
Attn: Volunteer Coordinator
150 South Washington Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503-2018

or leave it with park’s Visitor Center desk attendant. Your application will be routed to the appropriate department supervisor and you will be contacted for an interview. If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an orientation and training session that will include general information about Steamtown National Historic Site and specifics about the work you are interested in. If you should have any questions about your application, please contact the park’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ranger Timothy O'Malley at (570) 340-5228.

Last updated: July 30, 2018

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