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Mather Pass

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Here you will find the most recent trail conditions available to us. There are very few of these rangers in the field during the shoulder seasons and none in the winter months. Do not rely on regular updates during this time of year. Also, conditions are continuously changing so please be prepared for inclement weather. Winter storms start early in the High Sierra and can surprise unaware wilderness travelers, so please be prepared. Consider all possibilities before you head out on your trip and check out the Trail Safety page for more information on the potential hazards of wilderness travel. For the most up to date information on frontcountry trails, check in at the visitor center closest to your trailhead.

You can help us by sending an email to report trail conditions. For more information please call the Wilderness Office at (559) 565-3766.

For snowpack data, visit the California Department of Water Resources snow survey website.


Cedar Grove and Roads End

Road (Hwy-180) down to Cedar Grove and Roads End has closed for the season.

Wilderness Trails

Avalanche Pass

11/13 - Sphynx Creek/Avalanche pass, easly passable and clear of snow.

Lewis Creek and Kennedy Pass

11/13 - Trail remains passable and free of snow.

Copper Creek and Granite Pass

11/13 - Granite Basin and Pass are snow free. Granit Pass is reported to be stock passable at this time.

Woods Creek, Bubbs Creek, and Glen Pass (Rae Lakes Loop)

11/13 - The pass is snow free. Crossing of Woods creek downstream of washed out bridge is only about shin deep and the water is not moving swiftly.

Gardnier Pass

11/13 - South side of Gardiner Pass snow free, North side holding snow at a steep angle. This can be avoided by scrambling on class 2-3 terrain however one snow section is unavoidable. Traction devices recommended, no ice axe needed.

Sixty Lakes Basin

7/31 - Mostly snow free, except 60 Lakes Col which is holding snow on both sides. This area can be avoided by scrambling on class 2 terrain.

Frontcountry Trails

Hotel Creek

8/4 - Hotel Creek Trail is mostly clear of downed trees. Trail is passable through to Cedar Grove Overlook and the junction with Lewis Creek trail.

Kings Canyon- West of Sierra Crest

Wilderness Trails

East Lake

11/13 - Bubb's Creek Crossing at Junction Meadow (East Lake Trail) is passable.

Goddard Canyon

No report available at this time.

Tehipite Valley

10 downed trees across the switchbacks. Numerous donwed trees and branch piles also throughout the Gorge of Despair.

Middle Fork Kings

8/29 - Middle Fork blowout North of Devil's Washbowl towards Palasades Creek Junction is easily passable by hikers but not stock passable. No route finding skills required.

Grant Grove and Jennie Lakes Wilderness Area

Wilderness Trails

Big Meadows Road

7/15 - Partially open to the junction with Marvin Pass road. Road is washed out just beyond the junction with Marvin Pass Road; there is no vehicle access to the Rowell Meadow trailhead. For more information, contact the Hume Lake Ranger Station at 559-338-2251.

JO Pass

11/13 - No snow on Silliman or JO Pass.

Seville, Ranger, and Lost Lakes and Belle Canyon

11/13 - Beville Lake, Ranger Lake, Lost Lake, and Seville Lake are all clear of snow as viewed from Silliman Crest.

Redwood Canyon

11/13 - Redwood Canyon Road is open. Trails are snow-free.

Sugarloaf Valley and Roaring River

11/13 - All trails from Marvin Pass to Scaffold Meadow are clear of logs and open to stock.

Weaver Lake: camp at least 100ft away from lake

No report available at this time.

Jennie Lake: camp at least 100ft away from lake

No report available at this time.

Frontcountry Trails

Panoramic Point


Lodgepole, Wolverton, and Crescent Meadow

Wilderness Trails

Twin Lakes Trail

11/13 - No snow on Silliman or JO Pass. Bear boxes both damaged at Twin Lakes.

Alta Peak Trail

11/13 - Trail is free of snow up to the summit.

Lakes Trail (Pear Lake)

11/13 - Watchtower trail is open and clear of snow. Hump trail is almost snow free. All the lakes in this area are snow free.


11/13 - Moose Lake & Tablelands: snow free.

High Sierra Trail

11/13 - High Sierra Trail east of of Kaweah Gap is free of snow and creek along route are unremarkable. Stock user are able to get around any of the small obstacles.

Copper Mine Pass

8/17 - Deadman Canyon side, 100% snow for 1/4 mi from ridge. Ice axe definitely recommended. May also want crampons/traction.

Colby Pass

7/31 - Snow remains on both sides of the pass but most snow is located on the North side of the pass, a 300 meter snow field remains on the North side. This can be avoided by scrambling on class 2 rock, traction devices and ice axe recommended if traveling on the snow field. Additionally a large amount of rock fall is located on the North side, not stock passable. Kern River crossing on the Colby Pass trail is easily fordable.

8/26 - Still has snow in the lower switchbacks. Able to cross in the afternooons. In the morings its still a bit icy. Creeks have all dropped and all crossings are fine. Ranger Mdw and Big Wet horrible with mosquitos.

Elizabeth Pass

8/17 - South side is snow free. North side has 2 significant snow patches 200 ft across. 300ft from top of the pass.


Wilderness Trails

Middle Fork Trail

11/13 - From the juction at the south end of the Little Bearpaw Meadow trail through the River Valley area there are several large trees down making that section of trail impassable to stock at this time. However, all other trails to Redwood Meadows are stock passable. The crossing of the Kaweah River at River Valley is 1'-1.5' deep and most hikers are reporting successful crossing. Caution is advised at all water crossings.

Garfield Grove Trail (South Fork)

11/13 - Snow free to Garfield Grove. All creek crossings are below top of boot. Approximately 25 trees down between Snowslide Creek and Garfiled Grove. There is poison oak on the trail but it is aviodable if you are careful and can ID.

Ladybug Trail (South Fork)

11/13 - Several trees have fallen across the trail, but almost all are passable without having to go around.

Lower Colony Mill Trail (North Fork)

No report available at this time.

Frontcountry Trails

Marble Falls


Paradise Creek

11/13- Be cautious of potential hazard trees that may drop branches or fall.

Mineral King and Kern Canyon

Mineral King Road is now closed for the season.

Wilderness Trails

Paradise Ridge Trail

6/30 - Paradise Ridge trail, north slope to Little Sand, visible trail, no technical gear or navigation required.

7/8 - The log bridge that hikers have been using is not a viable crossing the water at Cliff creek is high whitewater and falling off the log would have severe consequences. Hikers should try to find an alternative crossing

Timber Gap

7/18 - Timber Gap to Cliff Creek has 6 large trees and multiple small trees laying on or over the trail; this area is reported to be heavily overgrown. Cliff Creek to Pinto Lake is also reported to be overgrown as well. Navigation is extremely challenging and several water crossings are running over the trail.

9/12 - Timber Gap trail to Cliff Creek junction: the trail has been cleared of downed trees. Cliff Creek Junction to Pinto Lake- the trail has 4 downed trees that are easily passable. Trail in these areas is overgrown in parts. Trail west of Pinto Lake goes through riverbed- attention to navigation is necessary. Trail is in good shape but at times creek flows over trail.

Tar Gap

7/5 - All stream crossings 1-2 feet deep and swift; crossings navigable with rocks/logs and using extreme caution; expect snow above 8700'; both trails have multiple downed trees and the mosquitoes have arrived at Hockett Meadow.

8/26 - Between the trailhead and Atwell/Hockett Junction, there are 12 downed trees and trail is overgrown.

Black Rock Pass

7/26 - Spring Lake area has no snow. West side of Black Rock Pass has three steep snow patches. Crampons recommended. East side of Black Rock Pass- 30% snow coverage. Trail navigation can be difficult due to snow- navigation tools and experience required.

8/12 - Black Rock Pass is snow free.

Glacier Pass

7/20 - The west side of Glacier Pass has no snow at this time and the east side of Glacier Pass has 100% snow/ice coverage. Travel through this area is not recommended.

8/8 - The east side of Glacier Pass has approximately 50% snow covereage with steep slopes. An ice ax and crampons are required. The west side is snow free.

9/7 - Steep snowfield 100ft x 30ft wide on the east(north) side of the pass. Ice ax and crampons required.

Sawtooth Pass

8/12 - Sawtooth Pass has a snow field about 15 feet wide on the east side of the Pass. There is a rocky alternative around this snow patch if hikers are comfortable scrambling and route finding. Caution is advised.

8/15- Crystal Lake free of snow.

8/26 - East side has large patches that are easlily avoidable. Off trail route between Upper Monarch and Upper Crystal Lake has a very steep snow field, not recommeded. Ice ax and crampons required and late afternoon start when snow is soft.

Farewell Gap

8/8 - Minimal snow, easily avoided.

Franklin Lakes and Franklin Pass

7/21 - Approximately 200' of snowfiield remain at the top of Franklin Pass making it impassable to stock at this time.

8/4 - Franklin Lakes area is free of snow. Franklin Creek is reported to be about 6" deep and unremarkable. Crystal Creek is also reported to be unremarkable.

8/10 - Franklin Pass minimal snow at pass. Easily avoidable and/or passable with no technical gear.

White Chief, Eagle Lake, and Mosquito Lakes

7/18 - Trail to Eagle Lake is snow-free. Camping area around Eagle Lake is snow-free. Trail to Mosquito Lakes is snow-free. No snow until Lake #4. Minimal patchy snow between Lakes 4 and 5.

8/4 - Lakes, trails and surrounding areas are primarily snow free.

8/8 - Trail and backbowl areas are snow free.

Atwell/Hockett Trail

7/9 - Evelyn Lake/Cahoon Rock are clear of snow. Blossom Lakes has a few snow patches above 9500 ft. otherwise trail is clear to Sand/South fork Meadow. Trail clear but still very wet.

Sierra Crest and East Side (Inyo National Forest)

For more information on trails starting on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, contact the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Permit Office at (760) 873-2483 or check their trails conditions page for more information:

Bishop Pass/Dusy Basin

7/30 - The north side of Muir Pass is reported to have 2 miles of solid snow cover on the trail. The Evolution Creek crossing at the trail is now navigable by most hikers. Caution is still advised at all water crossings.

8/3 - Dusy Creek crossing on Bishop Pass is 1-1.5' deep and most hikers are crossing without issue. Please use caution at all water crossings.

8/11 - The East side of Bishop Pass has a few remaining snowfields starting at 11,000ft. Traction devices are not necessary at this time. Route finding through/around the snowfields is a little difficult, so pay attention. The West side of Bishop Pass has a few very small snowfields that can mostly be avoided. Traction devices are not necessary at this time. Dusy creek crossing is 1/2ft deep at the trail.

Evolution Basin

8/2 - JMT/PCT crossing of Evolution Creek is swift with 2' depth but is the preferred crossing due to impacts to Evolution Meadow from the alternative crossing. Additionally, several other creek crossings are available both up and down stream.

8/8 - Evolution Creek is reported to be about 2 ft deep around noon right at the trail crossing and is now the recommended route for all hikers. A 200 foot section of fairly hard packed snow persists on the Eastside of Piute Pass. No traction required but trekking poles are recommended. Additionally, there are about 10 trees down no wider than 1 foot in diameter in Sierra National Forest between the Piute Creek Bridge and Humphrey's Basin. There was evidence of stock from this season in the most Northern camp area in Kings and also on top of the snow on Piute Pass.

8/11 - The main crossing of Evolution Creek is reported to be about 6 inches deep.

Mather Pass

7/27 - The north side of the pass is 60% snow covered and an ice ax plus traction devices are recommended. At the top of the pass there is a vertical headwall of snow to be naviagated and hikers should proceed with extreme caution. The south side of the pass has a few small patches of snow. The South Fork of the Kings River crossing has started to drop over the last few days and hikers no longer need to avoid attempting to cross at the trail crossing; caution is still advised for all water crossings.

8/12 - The south side of Mather Pass is snow free. The north side has several steep angled snowfields about 100-150' feet in length. Some rock scrambling will also be required to naviagate on the switchbacks.

8/19 - South Side free of snow. North Side has several large patches that you can avoide by scambling on lose rocks. If visitors are comfortable hiking on snow, reccomend crossing on the snow slopes to avoid impact on vegetation. Reccomend trekking poles to all and traction/micro spikes to inexperienced hikers.

Upper Basin

No report available at this time.

Piute Pass

9/15 - The east side of Piute Pass holds one 20 ft section of snow near the top of the pass. It can be avoided by going around on flat, muddy ground.

Muir Pass

8/2 - Muir Pass to Helen Lake 75% snow covered. Middle Lake to Helen Lake 40% snow covered, hikers are instructed to not follow the boot pack on the west side of the trail. Lower Lake to Middle Lake 15% snow covered. Traction devices and hiking poles recommended.

8/15 - The South side of Muir Pass is 75% snow-covered starting at 11,000ft (just past the first lake when coming from the South). North side of Muir Pass has 250 yards of snow travel in the form of 3 large snow fields

8/26- No snow on the North side of Muir Pass

9/3 - South Side of Muir Pass is mostly snow free. The trail has a steep ankle snow sloop that is about 100 ft long. Stock can avoid the snow by walking over talus on the old boot path. Muir Pass to Helen Lake has a few snow slopes and each are approximately 50 feet long. The only big obstacle for stock users is from the unnamed lake below Helen Lake to Helen Lake. It is a snow patch about 100 feet long and at a medium angle. The trail goes over talus and post holing is likely. Use cation.

9/13 - Stock traveling from both directions are easily crossing the pass.

Lamarck Col

8/8 - Lamarck Col has a steep angled snow field extends about 300 ft in length on the north side. About 2 football field’s worth of sun-cupped snow lie before the tarn at the base of the Col on the North side. Traction devices are recommended if planning to go over it in the early morning and trekking poles are highly recommended at all times.

8/19 - Darwin Bench and Darwin Canyon are almost completely snow-free. The West side of Lamarck Col is snow-free. Route finding skills required for this route. The East Side of Lamarck Col still holds a steep 100ft long section of snow at the top. Microspikes and hiking poles recommended, especially early in the morning and late in the day. The three remaining snow fields after the top of the Col can be avoided by going around on sand and loose rock.

Pinchot Pass

6/20 - From Pinchot to Mather. Ice axe and crampons recommended for both of those passes.

7/12 - Both sides of Pinchot Pass 75% snow covered and crampons/ice ax are recommended.

Sawmill Pass

7/31 - Parkside of pass is snow free and stock passable. Inyo side of pass is mostly snow free with a patch of snow 300' from the summit. No traction devices orice axe recommended.

Taboose Pass

9/9 - Taboose Pass closed due to Taboose Fire in the Inyo National Forest. There is no exit via Taboose Passs to the east. Hikers will need to find an alternatvice route to the north or south.

9/11 - TABOOSE FIRE: No smoke impacts to the Bench Lake Area or to the South Fork Kings River. Air quality is good as winds are keeping smoke to the East of the Crest.

9/13 - Taboose Pass Trail on the Inyo National Forest will be closed this fall and winter. Trans-Sierra trips this fall or winter will need to use a different exit location. For more information please see the Inyo National Forest website and closure order.

Baxter Pass

No report available at this time.

Kearsarge Pass

7/4 - The High trail is 30% snow covered, but there is no longer exposed snow field over the trail. The Kearsarge Lakes trail is 30% snow covered. Neither the high trail or the lakes trail is stock passable. East side of Kearsage Pass is 40% snow covered above Gilbert Lake.

7/12 - The steepest sections on the east and west side of the pass are free of snow; east of the crest, expect snow between Big Pothole and Heart Lake which will require route finding. On the high trail, a few patches of snow remain. The low trail is mostly melted out.

7/18 - Kearsrge Pass low trail is stock passable. The high trail is not stock passable due to snowfield. This may melt out in 7-10 days. Half way between the Pass and the JMT junction there is a large boulder on the high trail. The boulder is about 2 feet into the 5 foot trail corrider. Stock may be able to squeak by but the sides are steep. Smaller boulder At the Kearsarge Lakes Junction on the switches that can be removed by a rock bar. There is access to Charlotte Lake from the Kearsarge Lakes trail .

7/25 - Kearsarge Pass is snow free and stock passable on the west side. The east side still has 2 patches of snow next to each other, the longest of which is about 100', on a steep slope. There is an off trail bypass that stock could use to bypass the snow there.

Forester Pass

7/28 - The south side of Forester Pass has only a few remaining sections of snow on the trail and no specialized equipment is required to traverse these. On the north side of Forester Pass however, visitors are reporting they either "wish they had" or were "glad they had" traction devices with them; no snow coverage estimate available at this time.

8/3 - The north side of Forester Pass still has several patches of snow and a few, low-angle snow fields; traction devices and trekking poles are advised as they may be helpful during certain times of day. The south side of Forester Pass has only a few remaining sections of snow on the trail and no specialized equipment is required to traverse these.

8/12 - The north side of Forester Pass is snow covered for final 100' just below the summit. Hikers unaccustomed to off-trail route finding, snow travel, and scrambling will have trouble navigating this last section.

8/28 - The North side of the pass has a few remaining sections of snow that can be avoided by traveling on loose rock.

Shepherd Pass

8/26 - East side of pass has a 20 foot snowfield.

9/6 - The East side of the pass has a 20 foot, high-angle snow field. Traction devices recommended

Mount Whitney Trail

7/15 - The "99-Switchback route" is the recommended route at this time; trekking poles and traction devices for hiking boots recommended as a few patches of snow cannot be safely avoided on the switchbacks.

7/23 - The 99 switchbacks are 95% snow-free and is the recommended route with hiking poles and traction devices. To avoid the snow on the cables section hikers can choose go on the edge of the trail, right next to the cables. This should be done with extreme caution, as it is a narrow walkway with a steep slab below. The west side has a few snow patches that can be avoided by going around on class 2 terrain. There is a low-angle snowfield about 200 feet from the summit of Mt.Whitney.

7/29 - The west side of the Mount Whitney trail is snow free from Guitar Lake to the 99 Switchbacks. The 99 Switchbacks to the summit still has a few sections of snow remaining. Hikers are encouraged to have traction devices and trekking poles for those snowy patches.

Mt Langley

7/1 - The carined route, the lowest section to 13,200 ft there are several large snowfields that can be avoided by going around to the east into some skree. Above 13,200ft snow free.

7/4 - Junction to Soldier Lakes and up there is water in braided sections that is going over the trail, but still passable. Field of suncup snow with water on trail but still doable. A snow field about a football field wide is covering some of the carined route. Hikers should curve to the left to find the carined route. No Ice ax and crampons neccisary at this time.

John Muir Trail (JMT)

7/12 - South Fork Kings River Crossing: trail crossing remains hazardous; travel upstream 1-1.5 miles for safe crossing alternatives.

7/18 - Wright Creek is passable at the trail crossing. Water is knee deep.

7/20 - Wallace and Crabtree crossings are unremarkable at this time.

8/2 - Palisade Creek Crossing near the Middle Fork and JMT is 2-3' deep and swift. Not recommended to cross anywhere near the established crossing, alternative crossing is available upstream at Stillwater Meadow but is dangerous and not recommended.

8/12 - The Tyndall Creek crossing is feasible and fairly safe at the trail. There are drier options both up and down stream if hikers wish to avoid getting wet.

8/19 - Tyndall Creek at JMT Junction is an easy crossing using rock to stay out of the water. Tyndall Creek in the Kern Canyon is easly doable on foot and hikers may need to get thier feet a little wet but otherwise unrmarkable.

Army Pass

8/23 - East side has steep snow patches. Hikers would need to traverse snow patches or scrample around to avoid. Route finding skills are neccesary to do this. Crossings at Rock Creek Lake, Natahns Meadow and PCT are unremarkable.

New Army Pass

7/20 - The east side of the pass has a steep, high-angle snowfield covering the trail to the top of the pass. Minimum equiment recommended to attempt to cross this snowfield are an ice ax and crampons. Some hikers are attempting to go around into a steep, loose talus field in adjascent terrain, however this is extremely hazardous. Anyone attempting to use this talus field should have extensive experience navigating in loose, steep, rocky terraine. Extreme caution advised to all travellers in this area.

8/23- East side has 15 foot wide snowfileds. Experince with snow travel and route finding recommended.

Cottonwood Pass

6/7 - Horseshoe Meadows to the PCT via Cottonwood Pass is 90% snow covered, use caution; no special equipment advised other than traction devices.

6/20 - East side has several steep snow pathces near the top of the pass. Caution and traction aids are advised, though not essential. Not stock passable at this time. West side has 50% snow coverage, route finding skills necessary.

7/4 - Stock passable from Cottonwood Pass to New Army, but no further than that. PCT up to Soldier Lakes is stock passable with one small tree that needs to be cut out.

7/8 - The pass is still not stock accessible, one large thick patch of snow 15' across and 3' deep on top of the pass. Just above Chicken Springs Lake to park boundary sign 4 larger patches of snow that is melting out in boulder fields.

7/22 - Cottonwood pass is snow free on both sides of the pass; stock passable. On the PCT between Cottonwood Pass and Rock Creek crossing, the trail is snow free and stock passable.

Kern Canyon

7/4 - There are multiple large logs along the Kern. That are to be logged out, not stock passble from Kern Station to Rattlesnke Creek Jctn. Lewis Camp to Kern RS is stock passable.

7/27 - Visitors are reporting successful crossings at the trail crossings for the Rock Creek crossing, the Whitney Creek crossing, and the Wallace Creek crossing in Kern Canyon. Reasonable alternatives for those who would be more comfortable with gentler crossing points can be located up or down stream on all of these creeks (some make be log/rock crossings, others may be wider/braided spots).

7/29 - The Rock Creek River crossing on the Kern Canyon trail is reported to be stock passable at this time.

8/2 - Tyndall Creek crossing in the Kern Canyon is 3' deep, swift, and unsafe for backpackers but is stock passable. Creek crossing at the JMT/PCT crossable but not recommended. Backpackers are advised to use alternative crossing above or below the trail crossing.

Guyot Pass

6/7 - Approximately 70% snow cover from Rock Creek to Guyot pass; all stream crossings on PCT are deep and swift; extreme caution advised; alternate crossings or routes may be necessary.

7/20 - The Rock Creek crossing remains unchanged since the last report. No update on Guyot Pass available at this time.

Rock Creek

6/7 - Guyot Pass to Rock Creek 90% snow covered to Crabtree; all stream crossings on PCT are deep and swift; extreme caution advised; alternate crossings or routes may be necessary.

6/26 - Water is high and swift; cross up or downstream of the trail only. Reports of alternate crossings available (downed logs). Recommended to look for braids, logs, or wider areas before attempting crossing. At Nathan's Meadow, the crossing is high and deep. Expect water levels at 3 feet. Downstream there is log debris. At Rock Lake crossing, wade with caution, water is up to 3 feet deep. Trail crossing is recommonded in this area.

7/4 - The PCT between Rock Creek and Tyndall is snow free. There are sporadic 5-10 foot snowfields, stock passable. Rivers unchanged since last report.

7/22 - On the PCT between Cottonwood Pass and Rock Creek crossing, the trail is snow free and stock passable.

7/25 - Rock Creek crossing at the Kern is not stock passable at this time, the crossing is 4 foot deep and swift.

Siberian Pass

7/6 - PCT to Siberian Pass there are several deep but short sections of snow remaining on the trail; stock travel is not advised.

New Army Pass
New Army Pass

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