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Mather Pass

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Here you will find the most recent trail conditions available. Be prepared for rapidly changing conditions. Thunderstorms are common during the summer months and can turn a clear day into a threatening situation in a matter of hours. Consider all possibilities before you head out on your trip and check out the Trail Safety page for more information on the dangers of wilderness travel.

You can help us by sending an email to report trail conditions. In general, you should expect winter conditions at the higher elevations across the Parks' wilderness this year. For more information please call the Wilderness Office at (559) 565-3766.

For snowpack data, visit the California Department of Water Resources snow survey website.

Drift Fences
You may encounter "Drift Fences" in the wilderness. These fences are utilized to keep stock (horses, mules, and llamas) from roaming freely or impacting ecologically sensitive areas. Each fence has either a sliding pole or swinging gate across the trail for visitors to pass through. Please close all gates behind you to protect wilderness resources.


Cedar Grove and Roads End

The road into Cedar Grove and Roads End has opened for the season

Lewis Creek and Kennedy Pass
5/18 - Frypan Meadow trail is also not stock passable, trail blow-out on a steep section 1 mile before the meadow

Copper Creek and Granite Pass
5/12 -Copper creek is clear of trees up to lower tent meadow. Copper creek snow line is 1 mile before Upper tent

Woods Creek, Bubbs Creek, and Glen Pass (Rae Lakes Loop) .
5/18 - Woods, not stock passable after Mist Falls until further notice. Snow line is 1 mile after Mist Falls. Bridge at South Fork Kings River in Upper Paradise Vally is OUT. Highly recommend people NOT cross the remnants of the old bridge.

5/18 - Bubbs, up to Sphinx Junction is still not stock passable. Snow line is 1 mile after Charlotte creek.

5/18 - Sphinx Creek, to Avalanche Pass snow line is 2 miles after Bubbs/Sphinx junction.

Pinchot Pass

Forester Pass

Grant Grove and Jennie Lakes Wilderness Area

JO Pass

Seville, Ranger, and Lost Lakes and Belle Canyon

Redwood Canyon
5/12 - Redwood Canyon is clear of downed trees.

Sugarloaf Valley and Roaring River

Buena Vista
5/18 - 75% snow coverage, trails are somewhat difficult to find.

Big Baldy
5/18 - 75% snow coverage, trails are somewhat difficult to find.

Lodgepole, Wolverton, and Crescent Meadow

Twin Lakes Trail

Alta Peak Trail

Pear Lake Trail
5/1- 2 ft of snowpack on the trail, tree debris mixed with slush in afternoon up to the top of the hump trail and melting beyond but still at least 2 ft. Pear Lake still skiable on the north facing rim in the morning but not for long.


High Sierra Trail
5/16 - The High Sierra Trail to Bearpaw is not stock passable due to several large trees across trail but hikers can get by.

Elizabeth Pass


Middle Fork Trail

Garfield Grove Trail (South Fork)

Ladybug Trail (South Fork)

Lower Colony Mill Trail (North Fork)

Mineral King and Kern Canyon

The road into Mineral King has closed for the season.

Paradise Ridge Trail

Timber Gap

Tar Gap


Franklin Lakes and Franklin Pass

White Chief, Eagle Lake, and Mosquito Lakes
5/6 - White Chief, footbridge across the trail has been washed out and lying 40ft. below the trail.

Atwell/Hockett Trail
5/2- 7-15 ft snow drifts with thinning ice bridges.

Sierra Crest and East Side (Inyo National Forest)

For more information on trails starting on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, contact the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Office at (760) 873-2483.

Bishop Pass

Mather Pass

Piute Pass

Muir Pass

Taboose Pass

Sawmill Pass

Baxter Pass

Kearsarge Pass

Shepherd Pass

Mount Whitney Trail

Old Army Pass

New Army Pass

Cottonwood Pass

Kern Canyon

Lamarck Col

New Army Pass
New Army Pass

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