Trail Conditions

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Mather Pass

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Here you will find the most recent trail conditions available. Be prepared for rapidly changing conditions. Thunderstorms are common during the summer months and can turn a clear day into a threatening situation in a matter of hours. Consider all possibilities before you head out on your trip and check out the Trail Safety page for more information on the dangers of wilderness travel.

You can help us by sending an email to report trail conditions. In general, you should expect winter conditions at the higher elevations across the Parks' wilderness this year. For more information please call the Wilderness Office at (559) 565-3766.

For snowpack data, visit the California Department of Water Resources snow survey website.

Drift Fences
You may encounter "Drift Fences" in the wilderness. These fences are utilized to keep stock (horses, mules, and llamas) from roaming freely or impacting ecologically sensitive areas. Each fence has either a sliding pole or swinging gate across the trail for visitors to pass through. Please close all gates behind you to protect wilderness resources.


Cedar Grove and Roads End

The road into Cedar Grove and Roads End is open for the summer season.

Lewis Creek and Kennedy Pass

6/21 - Lewis Creek is clear until an impassable creek crossing 5.5 miles in.
5/24 - Not stock passable up towards Kennedy Pass.
5/18 - Frypan Meadow trail is also not stock passable, trail blow-out on a steep section 1 mile before the meadow

Copper Creek and Granite Pass

7/18 - The Middle Fork Kings River at Simpson Meadow is currently impassable. The Observation Peak drainage along the trail is currently impassable. Palisade Creek crossing is currently impassable. Crossing Dumbell Creek at Cartridge Creek is impassable.

6/21 - Copper Creek is clear from the trailhead until .5 mile past Upper Tent Meadow, where the snowline begins.

6/19 - The trail was clear of snow to above Upper Tent Meadow, with increasing patches of snow and downed trees covering the trail beginning at the end of the first switchback leaving the meadow. Increasing snow to approximately 70% coverage at about the 9500 foot level where we stopped. Water was plentiful throughout the hike. Bears were very active in the area.

Woods Creek, Bubbs Creek, and Glen Pass (Rae Lakes Loop)

7/21 - The creek crossing in between Bailey's Bridge and the Bubbs Creek bridge is still very hazardous. It is fluctuating around 2 1/2ft deep and ~15ft wide, swift white water. Only hikers with swift water crossing experience are making it across and it is not recommended for children to attempt.

7/21 - The South Fork of the Kings River in the Upper Paradise Valley is still, currently impassable.

7/14 - Charlotte Lake and surrounding areas are 20% covered in snow. Several Trees down below Vidette Meadow on JMT. Not stock passable. Center Basin and around Golden Bear Lake has 10% snow coverage.

7/14 - We do not anticipate the South Fork of the Kings River to have a new bridge installed for the duration of this backpacking season and the South fork of the Kings River is impassable.

7/14 - 2 miles out from Roads End, Bubbs Creek is being diverted over the trail in between the Bailey and Bubbs Creek bridges- 15 feet in width with strong, white water and no viable log crossings. This water is between 2 to 4 feet deep.

7/12 - South side has a 35ft slippery steep snow scramble. North facing slope is still holding snow to Arrowhead Lake. Arrowhead Creek remains high and swift. Seek alternative crossing.

7/7 - The South side of Glen pass has 50% snow coverage with an exposed snow traverse. The North side of the pass is 100% covered in snow, all of the way to the bottom and for 2 1/2 miles. Arrowhead Creek is deep and swift- cross to the West, above the lake. Snowline is at dollar Lake. Baxter Creek is fast moving white water, knee to theigh deep. Trekking poles are highly recommended for creek crossings.

7/7 - Charlotte creek crossing should be crossed at Bubbs only in the morning, water is running very high/swift in the afternoon. The water crossings in between Junction Meadow and East Lake are currently impassable.

6/26 - 65% snow coverage. South facing vertical foot path to snowless area. Trekking poles with baskets and traction devices are highly reccommended. Rae Ck 3-4ft. Arrowhead Ck 8 ft deep.

6/21 - Woods Creek is currently flooded 1.5 miles in and continues to be flooded along the trail to Upper Paradise. The flooding is of knee to mid-waist depth. Bubbs Creek is currently impassable, due to a large amount of water flowing over the trail between the Bailey and Bubbs bridges.

6/19 - Glen Pass is exceedingly unstable- reported avalanches due to above freezing temps at night and higher day time temps. Use extreme caution!

6/19 - The South Fork Bridge at Upper Paradise Valley is gone, hikers will not be able to cross the South Fork of the Kings River. With higher tempratures, the crossing is high and swift with no apparnt safe alternate route. Streams and rivers will continue to rise with the extream heat.

6/19 - The Suspension Bridge at the JMT junction and Woods Creek trail is still there. It is not damaged and still in service.

5/30 - There is a large snow field about .5 - .75 miles below lower Paradise Valley that starts up at the base of the cliffy area and extends all the way down to the river. It is being undercut by a stream caused by snow melt.

5/30 - Lower Paradise is flooded at the log jam. The trail is flooded, under about 2 feet of water for about 1,000 feet below Lower Paradise campground causing people to scramble through the boulder field up slope of the trail. The campground was still above water, but shortly past the campground the trail floods out again as one heads towards Upper Paradise. The area up slope of this flooded area is also boulders, but much larger ones than below Lower Paradise, making scrambling through them more hazardous, more like class 3 bouldering. The river is likely to continue to rise, exacerbating this situation.

5/30 - Bubbs, up to Sphinx Junction is still not stock passable. Charlotte Creek has knee deep water. Snowline is just above Vidette Meadow.

5/18 - Sphinx Creek, to Avalanche Pass snow line is 2 miles after Bubbs/Sphinx junction.

Pinchot Pass

7/18 - Pinchot Pass and Cartridge Pass are still heavily impacted by snow, ice ax and micro spikes are highly recommended.

Forester Pass
7/17 - The North facing side has 100% snow coverage beginning at 11,500ft. The South facing side has 50% snow coverage to Tyndall Creek. The snow is avoidable.

7/6 - Well established user path over pass. Micro spikes and trekking poles reccommended.

6/22 - 100% snow coverage S to Tyndall Ck. Crampons required on Forester

Grant Grove and Jennie Lakes Wilderness Area

Trailhead access roads are now open at Rowell Meadow and Marvin Pass.

JO Pass

7/9 - The trail from the South had some patches of snow near the top but was mostly clear of snow. It can be easy to lose the trail at Pattee Meadow, 1 mile from the top because of the stream crossings and meadow. Be aware of your surroundings.

7/7 - The trail is clear past Poop Out Pass and right up to the lake area.

7/4 - There is significant remaining snow up on JO Pass and north on the JO Trail towards the Weaver Lake Trail junction. However, with this heat we expect that this will melt off soon enough as well.

6/19 - Past Jennie Lake and up towards JO Pass, the entire length of the trail is covered in snow. We hiked over probably 10-15’ drifts of snow in places, and expect these conditions to persist well into July. Route finding skills are needed. There are several creeks that are very swollen and moving very fast under and near the snow - please proceed with the utmost caution when passing these areas of running water.

Big Meadows Road is now opern to Horse Corral.

Seville, Ranger, and Lost Lakes and Belle Canyon

7/11 - The bear box at Lost Lake is inaccessible- a down tree has crushed it.

7/7 - West side of Silliman Pass has many small streams and patches of snow, but easily navigable without specialized equipment. East side of Silliman Pass down to Beville and Ranger Lakes is very difficult to navigate, due to streams and snow. Route finding will be necessary. Ranger and Beville Lakes are clear of snow. One of the bear boxes at Ranger is out of commission.

6/28 - Trail is clear with only a small patch of snow near the Kings Canyon park boundary. Sugarloaf Creek was about knee deep and slow moving. Little to no snow in the Seville and Lost lake area.

Redwood Canyon

5/12 - Redwood Canyon is clear of downed trees.

Sugarloaf Valley and Roaring River

Big Meadows Road is now open to Horse Corral.

Buena Vista

5/18 - 75% snow coverage, trails are somewhat difficult to find.

Big Baldy

5/18 - 75% snow coverage, trails are somewhat difficult to find.

Weaver Lake

7/4 - Free of snow

6/19 - From the Big Meadow trailhead, the trail up to Weaver Lake has patches of significant snow and some minor route finding may be required. There are a few new trees down as well. There are creeks flowing across the trail that haven’t existed in a decade and some water running down sections of the trail, so please be cautious crossing any moving water. Weaver Lake remains the easiest to access in the wilderness and will remain so for the rest of the Summer.

Jennie Lake

7/4 - Trail is clear past Poop Out Pass and right up to the lake area. Only there you will see some lingering snowbanks but nothing to hinder the route.

6/19 - The south facing sections of the Jennie Lake Trail are mostly clear of snow up to and around Poop Out Pass, however there are dozens of new trees down. As we do not have a regular trail crew in the Forest Service, it will take some time to clear all these trees off the trail and this work won’t be done before the 4th of July weekend. Once you get past Poop Out Pass and head east down to Jennie Lake, trail conditions become significantly more difficult. Expect heavy snowdrifts and areas where the trail is completely covered. Snow runoff has created many streams that cross the trail. Most dangerous are several streams that are running under snowbanks and creating very difficult crossings in places. Please proceed with the utmost caution when passing these areas of running water. The lake itself was still mostly frozen over as of June 18th. Come prepared for snow camping and significant route finding.

Lodgepole, Wolverton, and Crescent Meadow

Twin Lakes Trail

7/15 - The food storage locker at JO pass junction is not functioning. The first functioning bear box on this trail is at Twin Lakes.

7/9 - Silliman Creek was passable with water ~mid-shin at 9:45 am. No snow on trail from trailhead to Cahoon Gap. The trail is clear of snow from trailhead to Twin Lakes. Patchy snow at lakes. Plenty of tent spots that are clear of snow at Twin Lakes. Bear boxes and pit toilet are accessible.

6/7 - 25 trees across trail between trailhead and Cahoon Gap. Snow starts when trail turns North, about 50% coverage from there to Cahoon Meadow. After Cahoon Meadow, snow gets thicker until 100% coverage just below Cahoon Gap. Trail becomes very hard to follow after Cahoon Meadow, impossible after Cahoon Gap. Silliman Creek hazardous but crossable with water at theigh deep, would not recommend crossing in afternoon.

Alta Peak Trail

7/17 - 50% snow coverage for the last mile before the summit. No traction devices required.

6/25 - Very few patches of snow up to Merhten Meadow. Mehrten Meadow to Alta Meadow has a little bit more snow but is still patchy and not consistent. It is easily passable. At both Mehrten Meadow and Alta Meadow there are campsites free of the snow. Snow still persists ~3ft in depth up to somewhere below the peak 1/2 mile from campsites.

Pear Lake Trail

7/9 - Trail is snow-free up to Emerald , some snow persists between Emerald and Pear Lake. Most campsites are clear of snow. Not stock passable between Pear and Emerald.

7/7 - The trail has melted out considerably, but large patches of snow remain (mostly at the lakes and between Heather and Emerald Lakes). The trail is difficult to find in places, but is doable with no specialized gear. Hikers should budget extra time for hiking through the snowy parts. Most of the campsites have melted at Pear, and 2 of the campsites have melted at Emerald. Trail is not stock passable. Many trees are down along the Watchtower Trail.

6/30 - The Watchtower Trail is open. There are several snowy areas where hikers should take caution, but the trail is passable.


7/18 - Poles recommended for snow travel in Tablelands. Table Meadows is passable. Dome Lake has some sites without snow. Moose lake is 90% snow covered.

High Sierra Trail

7/21 - On Kaweah Gap, the ice tunnel past the rock tunnel in the gorge has collapsed. Can be crossed above with ice ax/crampons or below for those with experience with class 3 scrambling on snow bridges. Traction devices are HIGHLY recommended.

7/14 - Creek crossings have gone down, considerably. Continue to exert caution, especially at Hamilton Creek. Patchy snow persists from Hamilton to the Junction of the Big Arroyo. 90% snow coverage from below Precipice up to the top of Kaweah Gap. Any person attempting to travel through this area needs to be prepared to route find and be equipped with a 7 1/2 min map. Chagoopa Plateau is free of snow. Some down trees on trail.

7/13 - Whitney Creek to Little Five Lakes on the High Sierra is mostly clear of snow. The Big Arroyo Creek crossing from Blackrock Pass is not unseasonably swift. Trekking pole are advised. Big Arroyo area's snowline is around 10,300ft along the tree line, East of the Great Western Divide.

7/5 - Crossing of the Whitney Creek on the High Sierra Trail is hazardous, water is swift and deep. It is suggested to look for alternative crossing upstream.

6/30 - Bearpaw to Redwood Meadow: Middle fork trail Crossing is very hazardous. Alternate crossing is required at this time.

6/20 - Mehrten Creek can be passable but strongly recommend crossing early. 9 Mile is mid thigh to waist deep. Buck Creek bridge has water over the cement portion. Water is on at Bearpaw campground. Crossing at Hamilton Falls is thigh deep, with serious consequences for a fall. ~10 feet upstream is a couple logs that can be used to cross much more safely. Hamilton camping area is clear of snow. First snow occurs on switchbacks above Hamilton, where you have to cross a snowfield several times. Snow was soft but an ice axe is very helpful. Snowfield at the tunnel is steep and hazardous. An ice axe is necessary, and I strongly recommend crampons.

Colby Pass

7/19 - Crampons and ice ax are recommended. On bottom half of the North facing slope there is a steep snow field. Top half of pass is melted out. South side has a snowfield extending for roughly 500ft down to the little lake near the bottom of pass. Roaring River is impassable on trail at Table Creek. The Kern Kaweah at Junction Meadow remains impassable and is anticipated to remain so for at least a month.

Elizabeth Pass

7/14 - Tamarack Lake and surrounding area is quickly melting out. Caution is still urged while crossing Lone Pine Creek.

6/27 - The Over the Hill Trail has only patchy snow but hazardous creek crossings. The 27 switchbacks have downed logs and debris from possible avalanches- they are not stock passible. There is a hazardous snow bridge where the HST meets up with the switches. Tamarack Lake & surrounding area is 90% covered in snow.


-Lower elevations in this park equal extremely hot tempretures-

Middle Fork Trail

7/10 - Lower Granite Creek approximately 3 feet in afternoon.

7/7 - Water spigot is on at Redwood Meadow campsites.

6/22 - All water crossings are possible up to Buck Creek but caution is urged at Merhten Creek. Use Cut off to cross over Eagle & Granite Creeks to get into Redwood Meadow. River Valley is impassible. No water is expected to be available in Redwood Meadow until next week.

Garfield Grove Trail (South Fork)

Ladybug Trail (South Fork)

Lower Colony Mill Trail (North Fork)

Mineral King and Kern Canyon

Paradise Ridge Trail

7/20 - Snow free

6/19 - Snow Free to ridge from trailhead. Some patched along ridge to Paradise Peak. Route finding necessary on back side, heading towards Redwood Meadow. Trail still covered in snow aand debris from tree fall in trail.

Timber Gap

7/7 - There is minimal snow coverage in the wooded area at saddle. Few patches of snow on northside of Gap, trail fairly easy yo follow. Cliff Creek was mid shin deep in AM and PM. Cliff Creek to Redwood Meadow is snow free, slightly brushy, 30 decent sized down trees on trail. Water spigot is on at Redwood Meadow campsites.

6/24 - Water on trail midway up from traihead, snowbridge is melted along trail. Patchy snow on the top 1/4 mile both sides of pass. Hard to find at times. Trail passes on east side of saddle. A few down trees near saddle and avalanche shoot on north side of pass. Trekking poles reccomended for extra stability.

Tar Gap

6/26 - Horse Creek knee deep both times (1 and 3 pm) on 6ft tall man. Lots of trees down. Wet between ranger station and Evelyn lake. Decent sized snow drifts, trekking poles recomended.

Black Rock Pass

7/19 - The Snow Line begins at 10,600 feet on the East facing slope, were there is ~80% snow coverage. The steep switchbacks that begin below that snowline are free of snow. Top of pass is free of snow. Big Arroyo trail to Little Five Lakes is mainly free of snow, with the exception of a few snow patches along the trail.

7/7 - South west side has patchy snow on pass, Lots of snow holding on East Side of Pass. Ice ax and crampons are required.


7/14 - Snow patches to navigate up to the crest from the South. 100% snow coverage on top of pass down to Spring Lake.


6/19 - Sawtooth and Glacier Passes are impassable. 20-30ft sheer drop from cornice - ridgeline. Crampons and ice axe nessasery.

Franklin Lakes and Franklin Pass

7/13 - Mostly snow-free to Lower Franklin Lake. First Franklin Creek xing is knee-high on a 5' person in the afternoon. Lower Franklin Lake is 90% snow-free. Approximately 25% patchy snow cover from Lower Lake to Franklin Pass.

6/21 - Will encounter a hazerdous water fall by Crystal Creek, not suggested to cross, had to turn back. Only encountered some patches of snow by Crystal Creek from the station.

White Chief, Eagle Lake, and Mosquito Lakes

7/12 - Trail snow-free to Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake unfrozen. One large boulder obstructing trail through talus field.

7/7 - Trail clear from trailhead to Eagle Sinkhole. Patches of snow in trees from Sinkhole to Eagle/Mosquito Junction. Trees down on trail on both sides of the Miners Ridge crossing. All trees are passable.

7/7 - Spring Creek bridge is now installed for the season.

7/7 - Patchy snow before sink hole to lake. Navigation is pretty easy to follow. One patch of snow in the boulder field, it is stable but melting. There are 3-4 downed trees on trail and one large boulder on trail in boulder field. Lake has 50% coverage.

7/7 - Spring Creek bridge is still out. Braided stream crossing at beginning of first meadow at Ankle/calf depth. Snowline starts before second creek crossing and mine.

6/21 - From the ranger station, you can hike 1/4 mile before encountering hazerdous creek crossing at Spring Creek. Had to turn around due to swift water in creek.

Atwell/Hockett Trail

7/7 - Horse Creek crossing was at knee height in the early afternoon. The South Fork of the Kaweah River crossing was at knee height but the current was managable and the footing seemed stable. The mosquitoes have hatched.

6/30 - Hockett to Blossom Lake not stock passble. Ok by foot, many downed trees with intermittent snow.

6/25 - Horse Creek waist deep in afternoons, -impassable- mornings. Log crossing has not been confirmed.

Sierra Crest and East Side (Inyo National Forest)

For more information on trails starting on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, contact the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Office at (760) 873-2483.

Bishop Pass

7/20 - West side approach is clear of snow besides a few patches of snow near the top. Trail through Dusey Basin and switches down to LeConte are mostly clear of snow. Dusey Creek Crossing is Hazardous and may need to be crossed up stream.

7/17 - All creek crossings are considered hazardous. Alternative routes may be necessary. 100% snow coverage from approximately Sapphire Lakes to Evolution Lake.

7/11 - Snow line has moved closer to Saddlerock Lake. Snow coverage is about 50% to the pass. The switchbacks going up Bishop pass are largely snow free. There are a few corners on the switchbacks that might require some scrambling, but these will melt fast. The pass itself is snow free. About 75% snow coverage through Upper Dusy. Lower Dusy Basin and Dusy switchbacks are snow free to LeConte Canyon. Caution advised on second Dusy creek crossing after footbridge. Walk upstream to find a more braided section of trail to cross the creek.

6/21 - 100% snow coverage from Long Lake to the top of the Dusy switchbacks. Trekking poles and traction devices are the minumum requirements; ice axe and crampons are recommended. Dusy Creek is running very high, look upstream for better crossing options where the creek is more braided

Mather Pass

7/17 - There are two difficult and steep snow fields on South facing slope. Ice ax and traction devices are required.

7/17 - Ice ax and and traction devices are required from Palisades to Dusy Basin on the Sierra High Route. Palisade Creek is considered hazardous and route finding will be needed to avoid a dangerous crossing.

7/9 - North side 100% snow coverage from lower palisade lake to the summit. PCT hikers reported that the south side of Mather has some snow free spots where it is possible to scramble on rocks towards the pass, but staying in the snow seemed safer. Be sure to use good judgement, as not all boot tracks lead to the best spot for descending the north side of the pass. Hikers also reported that Upper basin is snow covered from the South Fork crossing to the Pass.

7/7 - The North side of pass has 100% snow coverage. Traction devices recommended. South side is best traversed in morning due to slushy deep snow with suncups. Snow is rapidly melting out.

Upper Basin

7/18 - South Fork of the Kings River along the PCT Trail, North of Taboose Pass is hazardous at ~10,000ft- may find better crossing upstream around 10,500ft. The White Fork creek crossing on the PCT trail is currently impassable, seek alternative crossings.

7/6 - 10,000ft is snow line, 100% pack above that. White Fork crossing is super dangerous. Do not cross on ice bridge! Crampons needed in that area. South Fork crossing at upper basin is super dangerous. North-bound travelers should stay on East side until safe crossing can be found further up in upper basin. 99% of people out there are South bound hikers on PCT.

Piute Pass

7/19 - Snow approaching Piute Pass, Humphrey's Basin has 50% snow coverage and wet trails. Desolation Lake is free of ice. Over Glacier Divide- lakes are frozen with 100% snow coverage.

7/17 -
~1.5-2 miles of continuous snow on pass. Piute Creek is hazardous.

7/3 - 8-10 Miles of snow above McClure Meadow. 100% snow coverage above 10,500ft and on passes. Evolutiuon Creek is waist to shoulder deep- fluxuating throughout the day. Piute Pass into Humphries has deep snow and sun cups down to 10,500 ft. Sun cups are becoming more unreliable, especially in the AM.

Muir Pass

7/17 - Easily traversed with trekking poles. Snow free below 10,800ft on South side of pass.

Taboose Pass
Water crossing on East approach before pass is exceedingly dangerous. From East to West beginning at 9,500 there are snowfields with patchy snow. Micro spikes/ crampons recommended.

Sawmill Pass

Baxter Pass

7/18 - Creek crossings 2 & 3 are high and fast. Patches of snow above 10,000, obscuring the trail in places. Many trees across the trail.

6/26 - Trail is fairly easy to follow except a section near Baxter Creek and burn area on East side of Pass, numerous trees across trail at stream xing 8,400', stock may not be able to pass this point.

Kearsarge Pass

6/19 - Snow free to just below Little Pothole Lake in Inyo NF. Continuous snow to pass. Kearsarge Pass has been well traveled by PCT hikers resupplying in Bishop, so there is a defined boot track in the snow from the base of the pass to the summit of the pass. However, extreme caution is advised. Upper switchbacks on west side of pass snowfree then continuous snow in Kearsarge Lakes and Charlotte Lakes basin. Navigation, routefinding, and winter mountaineering skills required. Ice axe and crampons necessary.

Forester Pass

7/17 - The North side has 100% snow coverage beginning at 11,500ft. The South side has 50% coverage to Tyndall Creek. The snow is avoidable.

7/3 - The North face has 100% snow coverage beginning at 11,000ft. Where Tyndall Creek and the Kern River meet up and where the Kern goes into Junction Meadow, the crossings are impassable. Wallace Creek is passable on large log that can be found down stream. Wright Creek needs to be crossed roughly 500ft above through meadow.
6/29 - South side of Forester is snow free on upper half. Ice axe and micro spikes are highly reccommended on North side of Forester where there is 100% snow coverage, up to Center Basin.

Shepherd Pass

7/17 - Mostly snow free on both sides besides the upper part on the East side. Ice ax and crampons are recommended.

7/7 - There is snow from Anvil Lake. 40% coverage on either side and steep in sections. Ice ax/crampons recommended. Micro spikes, minimally.

6/29 - Shepard's Pass has 100% snow coverage on the North East side above the Pothole. The South West side on the JMT towards the junction has 50% snow coverage. Tyndall, Wallace, and Wright Creeks are extremely hazardous still, some alternatives have been found for each. North of Tyndall on the JMT has 100% snow coverage above tree line on trail and on lakes.

Mount Whitney Trail

7/17 - There are a few patches of snow from Guitar Lake to the summit. Use an alternative route around snow to get to the summit. The switchbacks heading up from the East side are mostly melted out and are the preferred route for visitors to use.

7/10 - Switchbacks on the West side are mostly clear. There is one large patch of snow that can be navigated around. The East side: snow ready visitors are traversing a steep snow field adjacent to the switchbacks Ice ax and crampons required. To avoid snow it is strongly advised to take switchbacks, which have about three or four snow crossings that are well-tracked. At Trail Camp you have to negotiate an exposed traverse around the snow packed trail for about 10-15' using the cables as a hand hold. Snow starts approximately 1 mile below Trail Camp.

7/7 - There is patchy snow from Guitar Lake to Trail Crest. There is a snowfield 1/2 way up switches that is easily avoidable by going around on surrounding rocks. Another Large snowfield is just before the summit that can be avoided as well but take care to be aware your surroundings and the trail's location. People have gone the wrong way and it has led to problems. All water crossings are beginning to subside but are still considered hazardous. Alternative routes may be required.

6/23 - West approach from Guitar Lake to switches is covered by 70% snow, patchy snow to summit. From Inyo, Muir Lake to Trail Crest is covered 90% in snow. Climbing steep snow field in place of switchbacks up to Trail Crest is advisable. Ice Axe and Crampons are HIGHLY reccommended for any attempt to summit.

Old Army Pass

7/14 - Not advisable due to a vast and steep snow field.

6/30 - Old Army Pass : 100% snow coverage. Steep almost vertical slope. Not recommended.

New Army Pass

7/14 - Coming up from the Inyo, there is a near vertical section of ice that requires an ice ax and crampons. This section can be navigated around through a boulder field but route finding skills are necessary. The Park Service side is free of snow.

Cottonwood Pass

7/3 - Free of snow.

6/19 - East side of the pass has few patches of snow near the top but no special equipment is necessary. West side has quite a few snow pacthes that partialy obscure the trail at times, route finding may be necessary but no special equipment necessary.

Kern Canyon

7/19 - The Kern Kaweah crossing is currently 3-5ft deep, white water and impassable at Junction Meadow.

7/17 - From Tyndall Creek to Cottonwood Pass is snow free and stock passable with only a few down trees. It is recommended to cross up stream at Wright Creek. Tyndall Creek is potentially impassable in the Kern, there is ~3-5ft of white water.

6/19 - Kern (Horseshoe mdws to Kern ranger Station) Snow on Trail Pass and in Bullfrog Meadows. One stream crossing in Volcanoe Meadows, calf-deep, very cold. not swift

6/19 - Kern (Jerky Mdw to Kern ranger station) Lots of downed trees. Log-crossing on Coyote Creek good for hikers. Creek too deep and swift for stock

6/19/ - Kern (ranger station to Rattlesnake) Snow free and flowering. Laurel creek is passable, calf-deep, cold. Rattlesnake is impassable.

Lamarck Col

7/12 - Trail is clear of snow to Lower Lamarck. Upper Lamarck and beyond to Lamarck Col is covered in snow.

Rock Creek

7/5 - The smoke fluctuates from moderate to heavy in the afternoon. Hikers are experiencing respiratory distress because of the smoke is the area. Trail is clear of snow to Lower Lamarck

6/29 - Lower Rock Creek at Nathans Meadow is very high and swift. Hikers should seek an alternate route up or down stream. Upper Rock Creek is a shallow wade.

6/22 - Upper Rock Ceek is impassable on trail, seek alternative routes. Rock Creek to Tyndall Creek mostly snow free. Whitney Creek passible. Wright Ck hazordous, be prepared to turn around. Scaling up West up river from creek towards meadow may get you around but its pretty schetchy.
New Army Pass
New Army Pass

Photo by N. Ver

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