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Current Conditions

Check this page for current information about what's currently open in the parks.

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Wilderness Permits

Wilderness permits must be reserved in advance between Memorial Day weekend and mid-September.

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Air Quality

Ozone and other air pollutants are common here. Learn more-view our air-quality index forecast.

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Warning-Recent Wildfire Burn Areas

Each year, wildlfires occur in the parks. In 2021, the SQF Complex Fires and the Rattlesnake Fire burned significant acreage in Sequoia National Park. Other small fires occurred elsewhere.

Whether you are hiking in an area of recent or past fire, know the risks. Traveling through these areas can result in injury or even death.

  • Be aware of hanging, dead limbs.
  • Recognize that fire-weakened trees can fall at any time.
  • Be aware of unstable slopes, rolling debris, and other hazards.
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Mather Pass

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Here you will find the most recent trail conditions available to us. Conditions are continuously changing and wilderness hikers need to plan for inclement weather. Winter storms start early in the High Sierra and can surprise unaware wilderness travelers. Do not rely on trail updates in spring, fall, and winter when there are very few rangers in the field. Consider all possibilities before you head out on your trip and check out the Trail Safety page for more information on the potential hazards of wilderness travel. For the most up to date information on frontcountry trails, check in at the visitor center closest to your trailhead. Wilderness permits are required for overnight trips.

You can help us by sending an email to report trail conditions. For more information please call the Wilderness Office at (559) 565-3766.

For snowpack data, visit the California Department of Water Resources snow survey website.


Cedar Grove and Roads End

Highway 180 to Cedar Grove is open for the season at the Hume Lake turnoff. Anticipated closing date is November 15, 2021 at 12pm.

Wilderness Trails

Avalanche Pass

6/20 - No report available at this time.

Lewis Creek and Kennedy Pass

5/23 - The trail exposed with some overgrown vegitation, and there is very little water available.

7/30 - Both creeks appear to be flowing at all locations. Both upper sections of Lewis Creek were flowing near Frypan meadows. In addition, there were two small unnamed creeks with flowing water located about halfway between Kennedy Pass and Frypan meadow. North of Kennedy Pass has two large lakes very close by. Kennedy Creek was also flowing

8/8 - Limited water supply check with the Roads End Ranger Station for the most up to date conditions. Many seasonal streams are dry, but water can be flitered from the lakes.

Copper Creek and Granite Pass

8/8 - Lower and Upper Tent Meadow Creeks are flowing(Upper is very low). 2 Miles from Roads End is an unnamed creek that is flowing. Two small trees fell over the trail below Lower Tent Meadow. They are stock passble.

Woods Creek, Bubbs Creek, and Glen Pass (Rae Lakes Loop)

Lower Paradise Valley Temporary Camping Closure
Due to the number of dead and hazardous trees in this area, camping is temporarily prohibited in the designated Lower Paradise Valley camp sites. This closure will remain in effect until campsites can be inspected and hazard trees removed.

Bridge washed out along the Rae Lakes Loop

The South Fork Kings River Bridge above Paradise Valley washed out during the winter of 2016-2017. Construction of a replacement bridge will not begin before 2021. Depending on conditions, crossing the South Fork of the Kings River can be extremely hazardous. Observe conditions carefully and then evaluate the risk of crossing. Be prepared to turn back. If you hike the Rae Lakes Loop beginning from Bubbs Creek, plan for the possibility that you may have to backtrack to safely reach Cedar Grove.

6/9 - On Glenn Pass the south side is snow free, the north side has approximately 30% snow coverage, boots, traction devices, and poles recomended.

6/18 - North side of Glenn pass has one small patch of snow, otherwise snow free.

Gardiner Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Sixty Lakes Basin

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Don Cecil

6/11 - Several downed trees, may be difficult for stock.

7/31 - Sentinal fire may affect air quality. White smoke visable from easternmost sections of trail. Fire itself did not spread to any section of the trail, and it is unlikely it will spread. Sheep creek still has water.

Frontcountry Trails

Hotel Creek

5/23 - The trail is clearly visable with several downed trees and some overgrown vegitation.

Kings Canyon- West of Sierra Crest

Wilderness Trails

East Lake

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Goddard Canyon

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Tehipite Valley

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Middle Fork Kings

6/14 - Trail is clear, but low elevation. Expect hot weather and low streams. There is no water at Redwood Meadow.

Grant Grove and Jennie Lakes Wilderness Area

Wilderness Trails

Big Meadows Road

5/29 - Big meadows road is open, no snow all the way to Fox Meadow.

JO Pass

5/29 - JO Pass is clear of snow and in good condition.

Seville, Ranger, and Lost Lakes and Belle Canyon

8/12 -Creek from Comanche Meadow to Seville Lake is dry.

7/8 - Limited water sources available.

Redwood Canyon

8/19 - Minimal water, Redwood Creek essentially stagnant pools at trail junction.

6/19 - Redwood Creek is dry. Big Springs is also dry.

Sugarloaf Valley and Roaring River

8/12 - Rowell Creek is dry. Sugarloaf Creek is very low. Ellis Creek is dry. Ferguson Creek is low but flowing,

6/11 - Roaring River to Avalanche Pass not recomended for stock due to downed trees and burned areas. Trail clear from Avalanche to Bubbs.

Weaver Lake: camp at least 100 feet away from lake

5/29 - Weaver Lake is clear of snow, and the creeks are crossable.

Jennie Lake: camp at least 100 feet away from lake

5/29 - Jennie Lake is clear of snow on trail, and the creeks are crossable.

Frontcountry Trails

Panoramic Point

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Lodgepole, Wolverton, and Crescent Meadow

Wilderness Trails

Twin Lakes Trail

6/9 - Creeks all low with easy crossing. There are several trees down along the trail up to 24in diameter.

7/11 - New downed trees just above JO Pass/Twin Lakes Trail junction, 36" with 30" leaning above head height. Able to get around or over other smaller down trees, may be difficult for stock. Water at Silliman Creek and Clover Creek before JO Jct, minimal/no flow in clover creek above the fork. Small spring above Twin Lakes towards Silliman Pass.

8/5 - Three large downed trees on Twin Lakes Trail via Clover Creek (Wuksachi TH) Largest tree approx 24" diameter. The farthest tree is 1.5 miles north of the Wuksachi Twin Lakes junction.

Alta Peak Trail

8/18 - Minimal water along trail, one fork of Wolverton Creek below Panther Gap, and two creeks in Alta Meadow are flowing, all very low.

7/18 - Minimal water flow along trail, small creeks before Lakes Trail junction and 1/2 mile before Panther Gap, small spring 1/2 mile after Merhten Meadow, and several small streams after Alta Meadow junction and in the meadow area. Trail hard to follow once in Alta Meadow.

7/31 - 14" Downed Tree prior to Panther Gap, 36-40" Downed Tree west of Red Fir Meadow on Panther Ridge not passable to stock on trail.

Lakes Trail (Pear Lake)

5/25 - The Watchtower Trail is open for the season

6/6 - The trail is free of snow.


6/11 - From Kern Canyon To Junction Meadow 2/3 of the trail is burned but passable. There are many standing dead trees. Kern Hot Springs to Junction Meadow is not burned. Seasonal creeks are drying up.High Sierra Trail

6/18 - Clear of snow throughout, Topaz lake outlet dried up, water still flowing(moderate) from Table Meadows for Marble Fork. Many small lakes/ponds potentially suitable for water source away from river

6/19 - The vast majority of the trail is snow free and navigable without traction devices.

7/2 - Kaweah Gap to Big Arroyo free of obstructions. Kern Hostsprings to Chagoopa Plato may be challenging for stock.

7/21 - Most smaller tarns have dried up, can find some water in larger tarns still.

Copper Mine Pass

6/19 - Clear of snow, steep scree climbing pass, snow melting/water sources from north face east of Elizabeth Pass. Small snow fields down from pass in upper Cloud Canyon and snow on Lion Lake Pass and Lion Rock Pass with possible routing around.

Colby Pass

6/21 - Colby pass is snow free on the Kings Canyon side there are 2 rocks near the top of the pass and two downed treees at rock slide lake. Unadvisable for Stock, creeks are still flowing.

Elizabeth Pass

6/14 - Elizabeth Pass is almost completely free of snow

Frontcountry Trails

Giant Forest Trails

6/20 - Trails in the Giant Forest are snow free.


Wilderness Trails

Middle Fork Trail

4/27/21 - A visitor reported the creek croppings were passable, ticks are present, Redwood Medow has no discernable water source. Poison Oak along the trail in the shady areas.

Garfield Grove Trail (South Fork)

6/5 - The trail is mostly clear out to Snowslide Camp. The trail goes through several burned areas. Above 8,000ft the burned area worsens and is very dusty. Creeks are flowing well, and there are many water access points. Snow above 9,000 ft.

Ladybug Trail (South Fork)

3/9 - Warning-recent wildfire burn area. No report available at this time.

Lower Colony Mill Trail (North Fork)

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Frontcountry Trails

Marble Falls

4/16 - Trail is snow free and has 4-5 downed trees along the path. Poison oak is leafing out. Be aware of rattlesnakes and ticks along the trail as well. Best hiked early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day.

Paradise Creek

4/23 - Be cautious of swift moving, cold water; ticks, rattlesnakes, and poison oaks are known hazards on this and in any of the foothills area trails.

Mineral King and Kern Canyon

Wilderness Trails

Big Arroyo/Kern Canyon

8/25 - The Big Arroyo bridge in the Kern Canyon is currently under construction and not usable. Big Arroyo creek is low and passable by foot in several spots near the bridge. Stock parties can cross the creek as well down-stream of the bridge.

Paradise Ridge Trail

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Timber Gap

8/3 - Unnamed creek coming off Empire Mountain is still flowing. Upper Timber creek is not flowing, two tributaries from meadows are flowing at a trickle at the crossings, Cliff Creek is still strong, but no issue with the crossing.

Tar Gap

6/18 - Trail may be dificult for stock users

Black Rock Pass

5/25 - On the west side, the trail up to Blackrock Pass is clear of snow, with the exception of higher elevation switchbacks which are holding snow at the turns in the trail. At the top of the pass, it is holding snow on the eastern descent. The trail to the station lake is 30% snow covered.

Glacier Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Sawtooth Pass and Monarch Lake

5/25 - Trail is free and clear of snow up through the switchbacks. On the long contour approaching Lower Monarch lake, there are a couple of snow patches with high risk steep inclines. The snow texture is corn/spring snow, enabling kicking into it. All camping areas at Lower Monarch Lake are clear of snow.

5/25 - On the west side, the various routes up to Sawtooth Pass are snow-free. It is presumed that the east side is still holding snow as it typically does at this time of year.

Farewell Gap

8/12 - Rifle Creek is dry. Pistol and Shotgun Creeks still flowing but low. Very brushy and easy to lose trail over the pass.

Franklin Lakes and Franklin Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

White Chief, Eagle Lake, and Mosquito Lakes

5/17 - The trails to Eagle and Mosquito lakes have several downed trees. There are patches of snow throughout, but no definitive snow line. The snow is soft and melting, so waterproof shoes are recomended.

6/1 - Trail is snow free to the terminus of the trail on White Chief.

Atwell/Hockett Trail

6/15 - Hocket Lakes Junction to Tuohy cut off there are several large downed trees. There are large areas of ash on the trail about 8in deep. No water source available. Not stock passable.

7/2 - Water sources in Hockett Meadow are very low.

Sierra Crest and East Side (Inyo National Forest)

Bishop Pass/Dusy Basin

6/1 - The Bishop Pass trail has a few snow patches. One snow field blocks a switchback and is climbed aroung on the steep rocky slope with some exposure. There is a broad snow slope to cross about 1/4 mile below the pass. No significant snow on the south side of the pass. Dusy basin is mostly snow free. Many lakes have small snow banks on their shore. The highest dusy lake is the only one with an ice covering.

Evolution Basin

6/14 - South Lake to Le Conte snow free and passable

Mather Pass

6/16 - Mather Pass is snow free and passable. There are two large rock to navigate around.

Upper Basin

7/20 - no report available at this time.


7/20 - no report available at this time.

Piute Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Muir Pass

6/23 - North Muir pass is free of obsticles and snow

Lamarck Col

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Pinchot Pass

6/16 - Pinchot Pass is snow free and stock passable.

Sawmill Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Taboose Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Baxter Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Kearsarge Pass

6/9- Kearsarge Pass is snow free

Forester Pass

7/15 - Both sides of Forester Pass are clear of snow and are stock passable. On the south side there are multiple large rocks which create obsticals for stock users, and is recommended to use caution when accessing that area.

Shepherd Pass

6/14 - The north side is snow free. The east side has a 100ft snow field that is passable with poles. Not recomended for stock.

6/28 - The east side of the pass is not recomended for stock due to wash outs in the trail.

Mount Whitney Trail

6/16 - Guitar Lake to Mount Whitney is snow free.

Mt Langley

1/28 - no report available at this time; expect winter conditions.

John Muir Trail (JMT)

6/11 - Roaring River to Avalanche Pass, is hard to follow the trail in burned sections, downed trees, not recomended for stock. Clear from Avalanche to Bubbs. From Rock Creek to Tyndall Creek is snow free and passable. Several seasonal water sources are still flowing, but be prepared for them to dry up later in the season.

6/16 - The outlet near Center Basin is stock passable. However there are two fallen trees.

Army Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

New Army Pass

6/11 - New Army Pass is free of snow.

Cottonwood Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Miter Basin

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Kern Canyon

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Guyot Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.

Rock Creek

6/9 - Upper Army Creek is dry, Low creek flows throughout the area.

Siberian Pass

7/20 - no report available at this time.


Last updated: October 18, 2021

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