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Mather Pass

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Here you will find the most recent trail conditions available to us. This information is provided to you by wilderness rangers who are currently in the field and is updated according to their patrols. Conditions are continuously changing so please be prepared for rapidly changing trail and weather conditions. Thunderstorms are common during the summer months and can turn a clear day into a hazardous situation in a matter of hours. Consider all possibilities before you head out on your trip and check out the Trail Safety page for more information on the potential hazards of wilderness travel.

You can help us by sending an email to report trail conditions. For more information please call the Wilderness Office at (559) 565-3766.

For snowpack data, visit the California Department of Water Resources snow survey website.

Drift Fences
You may encounter "Drift Fences" in the wilderness. These fences are utilized to keep stock (horses, mules, and llamas) from roaming freely or impacting ecologically sensitive areas. Each fence has either a sliding pole or swinging gate across the trail for visitors to pass through. Please close all gates behind you to protect wilderness resources.


Cedar Grove and Roads End

The road into Cedar Grove and Roads End is open for the summer season.

Lewis Creek and Kennedy Pass

9/11 - No reports of adverse conditions.

Copper Creek and Granite Pass

8/8 - No snow is reported up to the lip of Granite Basin. The mosquitos are out!

Woods Creek, Bubbs Creek, and Glen Pass (Rae Lakes Loop)

8/24 - North side of Glen Pass is holding two large snow fields, which do not require traction devices unless you plan to travel in the very early morning hours when the snow can be very icy- micro spikes would be recommended at that point. It is advised to take the higher of the two sets of tracks through those sections of snow. The switchbacks on the South facing slope are pretty well melted out, although having suffered avalanche damage, are easily navigable- no scrambeling required. Not stock passable.

9/11 - The South Fork of the Kings River is ankle in deep at trail crossing. There is a substaintial tree down that is being used to cross about 100ft downstream. This tree should be approached with caution- each end can be a bit slippery but the consequences would be minimal. Please, use your best judgement.

9/11 - Woods Creek Stock Camp has suffered substantial damage due to avalanche and its leftover debris. The stock crossing in the area is clear of avalacne debris.

8/21 - There is a large enough snowfield 1 mile North of Woods Creek suspension bridge that is making that area along the PCT/JMT stock impassable. (This is not directly on the Rae Lakes Loop but is vital information for those attempting stock resupplies)

9/11 - Bubbs Creek crossing is now passable. Visitors should expect to ford part of the creek. A log about 50 yards downstream (before the "official" crossing) gets you over the worst of it, but some travel through water is may still be necessary.

9/11 - We do not anticipate the South Fork of the Kings River to have a new bridge installed for the duration of this backpacking season.

9/11 - The Suspension Bridge at the JMT junction and Woods Creek trail is in place, not damaged and is still in service. There will be work being done on it starting 9/11 through the end of the month. There may be up to 30 min delays.

9/11 - Boulder blocking trail south of Dollar Lake have been removed.

Kings Canyon- West of Sierra Crest

East Lake

9/11 - Mid thigh to waist deep at trail crossing and swift. Hiking upstream less than a quarter mile will bring hikers to an island where the crossing is slower and shallower. Stock passable up to East Lake.The bearbox at the outlet of East Lake is out of commission and inoperable.

Goddard Canyon

8/3 - Lots of downed trees in the lower part of the canyon due to an avelanche.

Middle Fork Kings/ Tehipite

8/31 - The Middle Fork of the Kings River crossing at Simpson Meadow is fluctuating between knee and thigh depth. It is slow moving. Please, use your best judgement when crossing.

8/1 - There is a rock slide about 4 miles East of Tehipite Valley on trail. This section of trail is not stock passable.

8/1 - Middle Fork of the Kings River is still impassable.

7/29 - Trail has been logged out up to Simpson Meadow. Some areas have been brushed.

Grant Grove and Jennie Lakes Wilderness Area

Trailhead access roads are now open at Rowell Meadow and Marvin Pass.

JO Pass

9/11 - The trail is snow free up and over the Pass. Bear locker at JO/Twin junction is inoperable.

Big Meadows Road is open to Horse Corral.

Seville, Ranger, and Lost Lakes and Belle Canyon

8/7 - Bearboxes at Lost and Seville lakes are now accessible.

Redwood Canyon

8/9 - Redwood Canyon is clear of downed trees and is snow free.
9/11 - Upper portions of meadow is recommended that stock users hand graze. Stock users are encouraged to avoid the wetter portions of the meadow. There is still quite a bit of water in the area.

Sugarloaf Valley and Roaring River

Big Meadows Road is now open to Horse Corral.

8/17 - Grave Meadow Creek crossing is now passable on trail.

8/7 - Trail is stock passable to Roaring River. Sugarloaf and Ferguson Creeks are flucuating around mid shin depth.

8/7 - Deadman Canyon has many down trees and is not stock passable at this time.

9/11 - Elizabeth Pass: 3 large boulders and numerous trees down make this pass not stock passble unless you have highly experinced packer and stock.

Weaver Lake: camp at least 100ft away from lake.

7/4 - Free of snow

Jennie Lake: camp at least 100ft away from lake.

7/24 - Trail is clear of trees and it appears that even the once raging creeks are down considerably. Trails are all easily passable.

Lodgepole, Wolverton, and Crescent Meadow

Twin Lakes Trail

9/10 - The food storage locker at JO pass junction is not functioning. The first functioning bear box on this trail is at Twin Lakes. Trail is snow free.

Alta Peak Trail

9/10 - Trail is free of snow.

Pear Lake Trail

9/10 - Trail is free of snow- Watchtower is open and The Hump is stock passable.


8/10 - Mostly clear of snow at Moose Lake, the Sky Bridge, and Table Meadows. Only patchy snow.

High Sierra Trail

9/11 - All water crossings are below knee height from Cresent Meadow to Mt. Whitney.

8/17 - Trail is now virtually free of snow and ice over Kaweah Gap. Only patchy snow persists past Precipice Lake and is easily avoidable.

Copper Mine Pass

8/11 - 100% snow coverage 200ft below pass on the Cloud Canyon side. Ice axe and crampons are highly recommended. Route finding skills are necessary. This pass is a very old unmaintained trail that is a cross-country route, not a maintained trail.

Colby Pass

8/31 - No equiptment necessary. Large patches of snow on the Northern facing slope and some down trees. Not stock passable.

Elizabeth Pass

9/11 - 3 large boulders and numerous trees down make this pass not stock passable unless you have highly experienced packer and stock.


-Lower elevations in this park have extremely hot temperatures-

Middle Fork Trail

8/22 - River Valley Creek is flucuating around 1 ft deep where the creek crosses the trail. Aproximately 100 ft upstream, the creek is 2-4 inches deep.

Garfield Grove Trail (South Fork)

Ladybug Trail (South Fork)

Lower Colony Mill Trail (North Fork)

Mineral King and Kern Canyon

Paradise Ridge Trail

7/20 - Snow free

Timber Gap

8/17 - Stock passable and snow free.

Tar Gap

8/20 - Not stock passable. About 9 trees across trail. Snow free.

Black Rock Pass

8/22 - Black Rock Pass is stock passable and mostly free of snow.

Glacier Pass

9/1 - Large snow field persists on N.E. slope. The snow is softening. This route requires a high level of technical navigational skill and is not recommended to those with minimal to average experience. Trekking poles are helpful.

Sawtooth Pass

8/11 - Snow and ice conditons persist. There is a steep snow field on the Eastern facing slope of Sawtooth Pass, trekking poles and route finding skills are necessary.

Farewell Gap

7/21 - Mostly snow free, some snow on top of the gap. High angle snow on USFS side of gap. It may be possible to avoid snowfield by cross country traversing around snow along the West side.

Franklin Lakes and Franklin Pass

8/22 - Franklin Pass is now stock passable.

7/30 - The Soda Creek crossing was at Knee height. There are lots of downed trees on trail.

White Chief, Eagle Lake, and Mosquito Lakes

7/23 - All lakes are now snow free. Mosquitoes are out, especially at lakes 1& 2.

7/12 - Trail snow-free to Eagle Lake. Eagle Lake unfrozen. One large boulder obstructing trail through talus field.

Atwell/Hockett Trail

9/11 - Snow free and lower creeks. Stock passable. Multiple trees have been coming down due to high winds. Caution is to be issued in the area especially with snags and dead trees.

Sierra Crest and East Side (Inyo National Forest)

For more information on trails starting on the east side of the Sierra Nevada, contact the Inyo National Forest Wilderness Office at (760) 873-2483.

Bishop Pass

8/17 - West side approach is clear of snow besides a few patches of snow near the top. Trail through Dusey Basin and switches down to LeConte are mostly clear of snow. Dusey Creek Crossing is no longer considered hazardous.

Mather Pass

9/7 - Snowfield on North side could be stock passable recommend bringing shovel. Boulder on South side has been removed

Upper Basin

8/15 - The south fork of The Kings River can be crossed on PCT at 10,000ft now, it is no longer considered hazardous. Please, stick to the trail.

Piute Pass

7/29 - Patch of snow before Loch Leven. Large snow fields between Piute Lake and the pass. Pass itself is free of snow. Snow bridges throughout surrounding areas. Lower Desolation Lake outlet crossing is knee deep and swift. Humphries Basin is clear. Golden Trout Lake outlet is swift and Piute Creek is impassable.

Muir Pass

9/7 - N. Side is snow free. South Side has one large patch of snow near the top of the switchbacks making it not stock passable. Muir Pass to the top of the Golden staircase on JMT is logged out.

Pinchot Pass

9/7 - There is one small patch of snow on North side of pass. Stock passable.

Taboose Pass

8/21 - Road to trailhead is washed out and very rough- high clearance required. Passable for 2WD. Taboose Creek swift, knee deep. Caution and trekking poles are advised. There are several small diameter logs lying across the trail, but hikers may find more stable footing by walking in the creek. Just before reaching the lower crossing, the creek is running over the trail. This is not a huge hazard, but hikers will get their feet wet. Stock Passable.

Sawmill Pass

9/5 - One large downed tree near Sawmill Lake, but hikers and stock are getting around. No snow and no high water crossings. Woods Lake Basin is boggy in places, but it's easy to avoid.

Baxter Pass

9/7 - Dollar Lake outlet crossing is ankle deep. There is one small snowfield just below the base of the pass on the West Side. Stock passble. Active bears at trailhead.

Kearsarge Pass

8/17 - Trail is clear of snow. Stock passable. Heavy bear activity near Kearsarge Lakes, Charlotte Lake, and Vidette Meadows.

Forester Pass

9/5 - Not Stock passable due to a large path of snow on trail-otherwise the trail is now free .

Shepherd Pass

9/5 - Snow is easily avoidable, no special equipment is required. Not stock passable due to a large patch on snow on the trail.

Mount Whitney Trail

8/22 - Both the East and West sides are free of snow. It's possible to stay mostly dry on all creek crossings.

8/17 - Snow is pretty well melted out up to Whitney from Guitar Lake. Some patches may persist.

Old Army Pass

8/22 - Snow fields are avoidable with some class 3 scrambling. No gear necessary but extreme caution is still urged. Navigation skills are a must.This is an unmaintained trail.

New Army Pass

8/22 - Clear of snow. No gear necessary.

Cottonwood Pass

7/3 - Free of snow.

Kern Canyon

9/11 - 5 trees down between Kern Ranger Station to the junction of Rattlesnake. 1 may not be stock passable.

8/17 - All creeks from Kern Ranger Station to Junction Meadow are below knee height and are stock passable.

8/17 - There is a lot of snow on the east side of Lamarck Col, ice ax and crampons are required. The route going down to the lakes is extremely rugged. Only hikers with mountaineering experience and in very good physical condition can traverse this pass.

Rock Creek

8/1 - All water crossings are beginning to subside but caution is advised. Alternative safer routes may be found up or down stream.

New Army Pass
New Army Pass

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