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Overlooked Hero

John Glover and the American Revolution

John Glover. There’s a name that’s familiar to people with an interest in the Revolutionary War, and that local residents might know as the namesake of the Pelham athletic fields. But who was he? What are his connections to the War for American Independence and to New York?

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A Clash of Cultures

Anne Hutchinson's Brief Life near St. Paul's Church

Anne Hutchinson's remarkable odyssey was a reflection of the powerful religious impulses which had a deep impact on society and individual lives in the English speaking world of the 17th century.

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The Trees of Saint Paul's Church

The Variety and History of Trees on the Grounds of St. Paul's

If planning a trip to Saint Paul's Church, visitors may want to print this guide for a self guided tour of the trees that grow on the church's grounds. It is also suitable as a virtual tour for those who are unable to visit the site. To view the guide, please click here.


A Selection of Epitaphs at Saint Paul's Church

This self-guided tour encompasses some of the gravestones at St. Paul's Church National Historic Site and focuses on the epitaphs of some of the individuals that are buried within the cemetery. Although the epitaphs at St. Paul's cemetery vary in theme, all are meant to memorialize the deceased. In our churchyard, religion clearly seems to be the dominant theme. To view the guide, please click here.


Wildlife at St. Paul's Church

Although the St. Paul's Church ecosystem is certainly not unique to the area, the six-acre cemetery provides a habitat for many typical "backyard animals," as well as some more surprising ones. Learn more about them.

Last updated: August 21, 2013

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