Old Stone House (Visitor Center)

A panoramic view of a stone house in the twilight illuminated by city street lamps
A panoramic view of the Old Stone House (center) with M Street NW extending to either side of the frame

NPS Photo/K. Cain


Information about Old Stone House

The Old Stone House is located in Georgetown and is the oldest structure on its original foundation in the city of Washington, DC.

The exterior grounds are open daily from sunrise to sunset.

The front room of the house is a store and has been a retail space of some sort since the early 1800s. The shop is run by our park partners, America's National Parks. Staff members can answer questions about the house and provide brochures.

Exhibits are set up in what was once the kitchen of the house. These exhibits provide information on a timeline of events that are of importance to the house and to the United States. Exhibits also talk about the history of the house, why it was preserved, and who lived in and owned the house.

At this time, only the kitchen area and store are open. Upper floors are closed to the public at this time.

A photographic album showing what the house looked like when it was last furnished and open to the public is available.

To learn more about the history of the house, visit the History and Culture page.


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Last updated: November 4, 2022

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