Despite the urban development and habitat fragmentation that continues to occur in central coastal California, San Francisco Bay Area Network national parks support a diverse population of mammals. The diversity of habitats in Point Reyes National Seashore are home to nearly 40 species of land mammals. Forty-nine mammalian species live within Pinnacles National Park. Additionally, the shady forest world of Muir Woods supports 30 species of mammals. Park shorelines provide prime haul-out and breeding sites for several species of seals and sea lions. Adjacent marine waters (which include two National Marine Sanctuaries) support at least 20 species of whales and porpoises that can sometimes be seen from the mainland.

The National Park Service's goal to maintain the ecological processes that sustain these species and their habitats while monitoring the vital signs that indicate any changes taking place. Seasonal or migratory movements take many species across park boundaries where they are subject to different management policies and land use practices. Thus, effective wildlife management requires strong partnerships with other state and federal agencies.

Last updated: December 14, 2018