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Like other National Park Service Research Learning Centers, the Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center (OASLC) is a partnership dedicated to bringing science and education together to preserve the marine and coastal ecosystems found in Alaska's national parks. The OASLC supports research that helps better manage Alaska's coastal national parks by providing funds, logistical support, and access to data and park resources. The OASLC strives to involve the public actively in research and presents methods and results to the widest audience possible through a variety of educational programs and media. We also support a variety of internships within the Alaskan coastal parks, visit the OASLC interns page for more information. There are eleven coastal parks in the Alaska Region: three in the northwest Arctic, four in southwest Alaska, and four in the southeast Alaska. Visit the Parks and Partners page to learn more about the park units the OASLC services. The OASLC is hosted at and administered through Kenai Fjords National Park.

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Alaskan coastline


OASLC Strategic Plan

The OASLC Strategic Plan for fiscal years 2016-2020 specifies goals, objectives and five-year targets for accountability. The plan lists the types of actions that may be included in the OASLC's annual programs of work over the next five years to achieve the goals and objectives. Finally, the strategic plan communicates the OASLC's goals, objectives and potential actions to NPS parks and networks, external partners, and the general public.

This strategic plan was developed by the OASLC Board in consultation with the OASLC Technical Advisory Committee, parks, I&M networks, regional office and external partners, and in consideration of the Pacific Ocean Parks Strategic Plan and other relevant guidance.

The plan is available to the public. Email us to request a copy.

Annual Reports

The OASLC 2014 - 2015 Annual Report is available below. The 2016 - 2017 Annual Report will made available upon completion. Budget documents are available upon request.

OASLC Work Plans


The OASLC finalized their work plan for Fiscal Year 2015. This plan includes details on the OASLC's partnerships outside of the National Park Service, education/outreach and research efforts, and travel for the year. This plans also includes the 2015 Content Management Strategy (for the NPS content management system) and the NPS work that the OASLC has funded for 2015. A budget has also been finalized that accompanies this work plan, and is available upon request. Please contact us if interested in a copy.

Research Learning Centers

The OASLC is one of 19 Research Learning Centers established by the National Park Service across the nation. Research Learning Centers have been designed as public-private partnerships that involve a wide range of people and organizations, including researchers, universities, educators, and community groups. Research Learning Centers have helped researchers work in national parks and integrating research into the visitor experience, park resource management, and educational outreach programs. The OASLC fills this role in collaborating with K-12 schools and diverse research and education groups. Learn more about other Research Learning Centers throughout the country.

Last updated: June 24, 2020