Parks & Partners

Alaska SeaLife Center lobby
Visitors in the Alaska SeaLife Center lobby, Seward, Alaska

NPS/K. Thoresen

Key Partner Organizations

Alaska SeaLife Center
The Alaska SeaLife Center generates and shares scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska's marine ecosystems. In particular, the center investigates reasons for declining marine animal populations and environmental change, as well as present educational programs and presentations designed to expand public knowledge of Alaska's marine ecosystems. Learn more about what the Alaska SeaLife Center accomplishes by reading their annual progress report from 2012. Contact the OASLC Program Director for more recent progress reports.

Kachemak Bay Research Reserve
The Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, in partnership with the Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center, focuses on marine science education projects in the Kenai Peninsula. This program, Discovery Labs, includes hands-on activities designed for the general public or K-12 students and focuses on broad marine science topics.

U.S. Geological Survey, Biological Resources Division
The U.S. Geological Survey's Biological Resources Division is responsible for promoting access to and sharing biological resource information on our nation's natural resources within the scientific and academic communities and with the general public.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The University of Alaska system advances and disseminates knowledge through teaching, research, and public service emphasizing the North and its diverse peoples.

Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
The Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit is a cooperative venture between 11 federal agencies, 17 leading academic institutions, and one state agency. The overarching goal of this network is to improve the scientific base for managing federal lands by providing resource managers with high-quality scientific research, technical assistance, and education.
Partner Parks

Collectively, our partner parks comprise more than 3600 miles of Alaska's coastline and more than 32% of the coastline in the entire National Park Service. The Ocean Alaska Science and Learning Center strives to understand and preserve the marine ecosystem connecting Alaska's 11 coastal parks through promoting research and facilitating education efforts. Learn more about the coastal and marine resources in these parks and discover the ways in which all of the Alaska's parks are connected.

Last updated: October 13, 2017