A Furious Journey of Life or Death was Determined by the Gods

Imagine you had just broken the sacred laws, the kapu, and the only punishment was death. Your only chance of survival is to elude your pursuers and reach the Puʻuhonua, a place of refuge. The Puʻuhonua protected the kapu breaker, defeated warriors, as well as civilians during the time of battle. No physical harm could come to those who reached the boundaries of the Puʻuhonua. Read More

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The full-length park film for Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park. "Those Are My Ancestors" tells of the life or death journey of a Hawaiian warrior who desperately seeks refuge at Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau. This spiritual sanctuary, commemorated today as Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park, was protected by Lono, the God of life. Today, the puʻuhonua continues to serve as a refuge for all peoples in our modern world.

An offering of plants and fruit from the land is made on the Ahu to Lono
Kau Makahiki

The Season of the Makahiki

Everyone helping at the hukilau (Hawaiian Fishing Technique)
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National Park Service announces entrance fee-free days for 2024

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Take a virtual tour of Pu'uhonua o Hōnaunau NHP. Learn about history and culture while experiencing 360-degree views of the park.

A Ranger teaches visitors how to play kōnane (Hawaiian checkers)
Virtual Hawaiian Cultural Festival 2021!

The Park's Annual Cultural Festival was online this year! View what's happening here!

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A family sitting on a lauhala mat learns how to make a lei
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Learn more about the cultural and natural history of Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau National Historical Park.

Last updated: December 4, 2023

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