On the Lava Flows the People Discovered a Spirit...

To survive in a hot and arid environment the native Hawaiians (kanaka maoli) used ancient fishing skills, including the building of fishponds, and the knowledge of the location of precious fresh water (wai) that flows into the many brackish pools throughout the park. The spirit of the people (poe) and the knowledge of the elders (kupuna) created a tradition of respect and reverence for this area. Read More

Kaloko kuapā (sea wall) and 'auwai (water channel) facing Hualālai Volcano
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Plan Like A Park Ranger and use these insider tips to have a great visit at Kaloko-Honokōhau National Historical Park

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An body of water with lava rock
Anchialine Pools

Learn about the unique aquatic ecosystems and the animals that live in the anchialine pools

Kaloko and 'Aimakapa fishponds
How do you create a fishpond?

The park has two unique fishponds, listen to park staff discuss how they were built and used in ancient Hawaii.

Wandering Tattler on the shoreline
Birds of Kaloko-Honokōhau

A Wandering Tattler hunts in the tidepools on the shoreline. (Photo by Mark Kimura)

Scaevola taccada
What Plants might I see in the Park?

Naupaka kahakai is a flowering plant with a half flower that is common along the shoreline.

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