Experience the Heartbeat of a Volcanic Landscape

Volcanoes are monuments to Earth's origin, evidence that its primordial forces are still at work. During a volcanic eruption, we are reminded that our planet is an ever-changing environment whose basic processes are beyond human control. As much as we have altered the face of the Earth to suit our needs, we can only stand in awe before the power of an eruption. Read More

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Video of the lava lake activity in Halema‘uma‘u Crater on April 15, 2018. This is a zoomed video from the observation deck at Jaggar Museum, which is about a mile from the eruption site. Video by Volunteer Ranger Janice Wei

Ranger Keoni speaks to young visitors

National Park Week Events

Special free events are offered during National Park Week, April 21 - April 29, 2018, and April 21 is a FEE FREE day!

What's Going On With the Volcano?

What's Going On With the Volcano?

Updates on Current Conditions

Visitors viewing exhibits at Jaggar Museum

Things to Do

Visiting the Jaggar Museum is one of many things to do at the park.

Photos & Multimedia

Photos & Multimedia

Informative and educational videos and photographs with the option to view on-line or download for off-line use



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Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death or ROD

Rapid ‘Ōhi‘a Death or ROD

Please help prevent the spread of this terrible disease

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Finding Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

There are two campgrounds in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park


There are two campgrounds in Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

Volcano House Hotel


Volcano House is just a short walk across Crater Rim Drive from the Kilauea Visitor Center.

passes may be purchased on-line

Fees & Passes

Passes may be purchased on-line

Park entrance station

Operating Hours & Seasons

Park entrance station - Kīlauea Visitor Center is a Short Distance Ahead on the Right

Snow on Mauna Loa

Area Closures, Advisories & Park Policy

Find closure and advisory information as well as drone/unmanned aircraft and other park policies

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