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The Country Store filled with antiques and merchandise available for sale
The Country Store offers books, games, music, DVD's, children activity booklets, and basic visitor convenience items.

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Purchase items in the park's new Country Store and a percentage of the profits go to support visitor and interpretive programming. The country store represents the many General Stores that once inhabited the lands that are now contained within the park. Some of those stores, such as the General Store on the Taylor Farm, supplied more than food and housewares to area residents. They were a local gathering place for news and gossip. Folks would gather at the store to have their letters read for them or to hear the local news rag read aloud to a crowd.

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Eastern National supports the National Park Service
Eastern National is the Prince William Forest Park's cooperating association. They operate the General Store in the park visitor center to broaden the public's understanding of the park and its stories. Eastern National donates a portion of the store proceeds to visitor services and interpretation projects. They also help the park provide publications that it couldn't otherwise.
Prince William Forest Park's book cover published by Eastern  National
Prince William Forest Park: Where History and Nature Unite

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In 2009, Eastern National helped the park publish its first-ever book - Prince William Forest Park: Experience a Place Where History and Nature Unite. This book is 48 page, full color overview of the inexpensive, family fun, fascinating history, and natural beauty that lies right at your doorstep. It's perfect for any coffee table.

Last updated: September 22, 2017

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