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In 1781, General Rochambeau’s French Army joined forces with General Washington’s Continental Army to fight the British Army in Yorktown, Virginia. With the French Navy in support, the allied armies moved hundreds of miles to become the largest troop movement of the American Revolution. The effort and cooperation between the two sides led to a victory at Yorktown and secured American independence. Read More

WARO Unigrid front page shows background map, portrait of both Washington and Rochambeau, with text
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British Surrender at Yorktown
British Surrender at Yorktown

British Surrender at Yorktown by Kieth Rocco click image for Yorktown day October 19 from

Yorktown Day parade
Yorktown Day parade

Yorktown Day parade click for information about Yorktown Day, from:

French Cemetery from Siege of Yorktown, Colonial NHP, unmarked graves
French Cemetery, Siege of Yorktown NPS

Archives in France provide a list of the names and regiments of the French allies who died as a result of the Siege of Yorktown. click pic

American Cemetery Governor Palace Garden Colonial Williamsburg, VA
Palace Garden Colonial Williamsburg, VA

1930 archaeological investigations 158 skeletons rows of 11, two women Regimental ID most American and a British. Photo WAYMARKING WME8H9

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