Looking for a map to help plan your trip to a national park? If you know the park you're interested in, select it on the map below to find links to the park brochure map and the maps page on the park's website. These pages may include trail, campground, backcountry, and other maps. You can also check out these links for more national park maps:

Map Finder

There are a lot of parks, so when looking at the entire country, you'll just see numbers at first—indicating how many parks are in that general area. Zoom into an area to see specific parks, or search within the map.

More Information

Visit the GIS, Cartography & Mapping site to learn more about how we make maps and how we use them to help manage our parks. Explore these topics:

Women studying map in desert landscape
Maps will help you plan your trip to and in national parks.

NPS/Hannah Schwalbe

Last updated: November 15, 2023