Conflict and Compromise on the Arizona Strip

The rich history of Pipe Spring and its flowing water comes alive as you explore the traditions of the Kaibab Paiute and the Mormon settlers through the museum, historic fort, cabins, and garden. Hike the Ridge Trail to enjoy geologic wonders, plants, and wildlife. Attend living history demonstrations and talks and be sure to visit with our amazing ranch animals!

A sandstone fort, red cliffs, and garden plants in front of a baby-blue sky.
A Struggle for Water in the High Desert

These red rock cliffs were once an oasis for American Indians and settlers. Learn more about the people who called Pipe Spring home.

A sandstone fort backlit by the sunset. Golden sunrays behind the building.
Event Calendar

Join Pipe Spring rangers for special events, guided hikes, star parties, and more.

A Monarch butterfly on a yellow sunflower
Nature and Science on the Arizona Strip

Diverse plants and animals live at Pipe Spring. Discover more about desert ecosystems and current research.

A ranger stands next to two horses and brushes their thick coats
Give Back: Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to work on a ranch in the Wild West? Find out more about volunteer opportunities.

A young girl stands in front of a fort wearing dozens of Junior Ranger badges.
A Fun Way to Learn

Are you Interested in becoming a Pipe Spring Junior Ranger? Discover the history of Kaibab Paiute and Western Settlers.

Last updated: March 31, 2024

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