Winsor Castle

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Winsor Castle courtyard Parlor Meeting Room Kitchen Master Bedroom Telegraph Room Middle Bedroom Southeast Bedroom Spring Room Cheese Room
In 1870, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons) began construction of a fortified ranch house at Pipe Spring. The ranch house/fort was designed as both headquarters for a tithing cattle ranch and as protection from attacks. The Mormon settlers did not particularly fear the Paiutes, which at that time inhabited much of the Arizona Strip, but the Navajo, who would cross the Colorado River at low water and raid both the Paiutes and the Mormon settlers.

The fortified ranch house was constructed directly over Pipe Spring. The Mormons were only the latest group to be drawn to Pipe Spring, which had attracted people for centuries. The Ancestral Puebloans (formerly Anasazi) inhabited the area from approximately 1 A.D. to 1200 A.D. The Paiute tribe followed the Ancestral Puebloans, and had lived in the Pipe Spring region for nearly three centuries by the time European settlers began moving into this area.

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