Road Construction

Map showing detour route from Munising to Munising Falls Visitor Center.
Heading east on M28, follow detour signs. Turn left at Connors Road. Then left on H58 to access Munising Falls visitor Center and Sand Point Beach. Turn right on to H58 to access rest of park.

Updated June 6, 2018

Road construction in the city of Munising is affecting access to the western half of the park. These maps show detour routes from both the east and the west. Construction is expected to last until the end of July, but may last longer. For up-to-date access information, please call the Munising Falls Visitor Center at 906-387-3700 or the Grand Sable Visitor Center at 906-494-2660.

Directions for getting to Munsing Falls Visitor Center and Sand Point Beach heading east on M28.

Detour heading west on H58
Heading west on H58, follow detour signs. Turn left at Connors Road. Then right on M28 to access the city of Munising and the Pictured Rocks Boat Cruises.
Directions for getting to the city of Munising and Pictured Rocks Boat Cruises heading west on H58.

Last updated: June 6, 2018

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