50 Years / 50 Things To Do

List of 50 things to do in the park and 50 to do elsewhere.
50 Things to Do for 50 Years at Pictured Rocks and another 50 for 100 Years for the National Park Service.


In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, here are 50 things you can do in the park, and another 50 more things you can do elsewhere.

50 Things to Do for 50 Years at Pictured Rocks 50 More For 100 Years of the National Park Service (476.76 KB pdf)

As you experience the park, share your experiences using #50PRNL and #FindYourPark

50 Things to Do for 50 Years at Pictured Rocks

At the Beach

1___ Make a splash
2___Spot colorful pebbles
3___Listen to the waves
4___Go swimming
5___View the night sky
6___Create sand art
7___Take a nap
8___Look for shipwrecks
9___Watch the sunset
10___Stroll the shoreline

Along the Water

11___Skip a stone
12___Find a waterfall
13___Walk the Marsh Trail
14___Paddle Beaver Lake
15___Watch the weather
16___Get your feet wet
17___Listen to a creek
18___Go fishing
19___Take a boat tour
20___Look for wildlife

In the Forest

21___Find the tallest tree
22___Listen for bird calls
23___Look for wildflowers
24___Feel tree bark
25___Watch for animal signs
26___Spot an insect
27___Enjoy the smells
28___Go camping
29___Experience the rain
30___See all four seasons

On the Trails

31___Go for a full moon hike
32___Walk to Miners Falls
33___Hike 50 miles
34___Taste wild blueberries
35___Capture photos
36___Trek to Chapel Rock
37___Stand quietly and listen
38___Leave No Trace
39___Wander Beaver Basin
40___Stop to smell flowers

With the Family

41___Stop at a visitor center
42___Become a Junior Ranger
43___Play at the beach
44___Visit the light station
45___Attend a program
46___Explore a trail
47___Discover Miners Castle
48___Listen to Munising Falls
49___Hike Grand Sable Dunes
50___Enjoy a picnic

50 More for 100 Years of the National Park Service

In a Park

51___Stop by the visitor center
52___Explore hiking trails
53___Uncover the history
54___Rest quietly and listen
55___Experience all 4 seasons
56___Attend a park program
57___Watch for wildlife
58___Enjoy the views
59___Take photographs
60___Find your favorite park

In your Neighborhood

61___Find green space
62___Identify birds
63___Search for different trees
64___Watch for animal signs
65___Take a walk at dawn
66___Go biking
67___Look for flowers
68___Learn the moon phases
69___Read under a tree
70___Observe insect activity

Under the Sky

71___Go stargazing
72___Listen to night sounds
73___Take a twilight walk
74___See a sunset
75___Look for a full moon
76___Fly a kite
77___Find shapes in clouds
78___Feel the sun and wind
79___Watch a storm
80___Spot soaring birds

On the Weekend

81___Unplug and play in nature
82___Sleep under the stars
83___Spend the day in a forest
84___Enjoy a paddle trip
85___Hike to a special spot
86___Visit your closest park
87___Plan an outdoor picnic
88___Tell stories by campfire
89___Locate a historic place
90___Experience local culture

To Live Gently

91___Reduce waste, recycle
92___Buy local foods
93___Drive less, carpool
94___Turn off lights
96___Use refillable bottles
97___Conserve water use
98___Plant a tree
99___Avoid idling your car
100___Support parks

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