Portion of John White's depiction of an Algonquian chief.
Portion of John White's depiction of an Algonquian chief.

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Quick Facts

Wanchese, a Roanoac member of the Carolina Algonquian, traveled with Manteo to England in 1585. Like Manteo, his arrival was met with great curiosity by the English.

Along with Manteo, Wanchese learned english from Thomas Hariot and taught Hariot the fundamentals of the Algonquian language. Both served as interpreters, providing the English with an understanding of Algonquian culture.

Upon returning to Roanoke in 1585 with the second English expedition, the paths of Manteo and Wanchese differed greatly. Whereas Manteo remained loyal to the English, Wanchese became very distrustful. He encouraged his fellow Algonquians to avoid interactions with the English and attempted, often through violence, to put a halt to further English expansion in the region.

Wanchese, like Manteo, disappeared from the historical record in 1587.

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