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Cultural Demonstrators at Painted Desert Inn National Historic Landmark.


Petrified Forest National Park has over thirty affiliated Tribes throughout the West. The Cultural Demonstration program at Petrified Forest National Park provides local artisans with the opportunity to share their cultural and historical connections to the region with park visitors. In providing the space for awareness and appreciation of the region's rich history and diverse cultures, the program is committed to dismantling the notion that certain stories and traditions are of the past and nothing more. Today, there is still an abundance of culture, tradition, and connections in the Petrified Forest region. We strive to provide a unique experience for park visitors.

Demonstrations take place between 10 am and 3 pm at the Painted Desert Inn. Schedule is subject to change without notice. Depending on the demonstration there may be items for sale. The demonstration shared by our artists is the main event.

If you are interested in applying to become a cultural demonstrator (i.e. not simply a vendor) at Petrified Forest National Park, please call (928) 524-6228 ext. 274.
February 2024 Cultural Demonstrations
(schedule subject to change without notice)

1-2 Alphonso John, Diné (Navajo) beader

3-4 Alice Hawthorn and daughter Angeline, Diné (Navajo) weavers

5-8 Tatianna Darmer, Nakai Diné (Navajo)/Cherokee Kiawa (Apache) Clan, beader and Eleanor Yazzie, Diné (Navajo) beader and jeweler

9-11 White Swann, Hopi jeweler

12-15 Mae Horseman, Diné (Navajo) beader and weaver; 14 also Gloria Bizardi and Mary Begay, Diné (Navajo) beaders and jewelers

16-18 LeeAnn Goatson, Diné (Navajo) beading both by stringing and on a loom, and Jane Benally, Diné (Navajo) jewelry

19-22 Jacob & Lucille Smith, Diné (Navajo) weaver & grandson sharing stories about his Navajo Codetalker grandfather

23-25 Rosabelle Shepherd and daughters Arielle Tsinigine and Sage Goldtooth, Diné (Navajo) silversmiths, beaders, and artists

26-29 Evelyn Begay and daughter Veronica, Diné (Navajo) beaders and jewelers

Last updated: February 4, 2024

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