Porcupine at the Painted Desert Inn
Porcupine at the Painted Desert Inn

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Mammals are a diverse group of animals, ranging from the delicate white-footed mouse to the elegant mule deer. Mammals have fur or hair, produce milk for their offspring, and are warm-blooded. In the often extreme climate of the plateau country, animals use such survival strategies as hiding in their burrows or migration as well as physiological adaptations like hollow hairs for insulation. Many animals in arid regions are nocturnal, using the cooler night to survive the heat of summer or the darkness of the late hours to escape notice of predators. Many of the mammals found in Petrified Forest National Park are rodents, a mainstay prey for many predators of the region. Early morning is the best time to view mammals while in the park.

Do not approach, feed, or harass any wildlife in Petrified Forest or any other national park area.

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Last updated: May 2, 2013

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