Mark Kemp Bayless Artists-in-Resident 2015

Mark K Bayless
Artist Mark Kemp Bayless

Mark Kemp Bayless

Mark Bayless was born in Ogden, UT, grew up in San Diego, and has lived in the West for most of his life. He has a degree in design from Brigham Young
University and has also studied art at Arizona State University and University of Utah. Mark has worked as a homebuilder and an architectural designer and has spent the last 25 years as an environmental consultant. Throughout his professional life, Mark has also maintained a business creating original stained glass panels and installations for clients’ homes. Mark’s artwork, to include stained glass, paintings, and wood and stone sculpture, has been represented at over thirty galleries across the West. Mark lives with his wife and son in Cave Creek, Arizona.

Photograph by Mark Kemp Bayless
Petroglyphs by Mark Kemp Bayless

Mark Kemp Bayless


Mark works in many mediums, including: stained glass, woodand stone sculpture, stone and bone jewelry, and paint on canvas. He draws his inspiration from nature, indigenous lifeway's, and from the possibilities held by natural and reclaimed raw materials. Some of Mark's work consists of acrylic painted canvas panels that are inspired by rock art of the American Southwest.He also enjoys creating one-of-a-kind petroglyphs by carving into and removing the patina of especially suited stone that he gathers from specific locations in Arizona and Utah. In addition, Mark reclaims partially burned tree trunks from forest fire areas and sculpts them into large free-standing artworks, sometimes pairing them with stone and metal. Mark is part of a primitive skills educational community and teaches classes in primitive pigment making, pictograph painting, and stone pendant and fetish carving.

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