Jerry Ginsberg Artists-in-Resident 2015

Photographer Jerry and sabal palms
Photographer Jerry and sabal palms

Jerry Ginsberg

Jerry Ginsberg is a multi-award winning landscape and Nature photographer. He is the only person to have photographed each and every one of America's 59 National Parks with medium format cameras. Jerry's images have graced the covers and the pages of most well known magazines and travel catalogs including Sierra, Arizona Highways, Backpacker, Smithsonian Journeys, National Parks, Inner Reflections, AAA, Holland America and Wilderness Travel. Many of his photographs can be seen at

Photograph Window on the World Jerry Ginsberg
Window on the World by Jerry Ginsberg

Jerry Ginsberg


For me, landscape photography is a necessity. To be out in the natural world, among the mountains, trees and lakes the way Nature has made and arranged them is surely one of life's most satisfying things. Our natural world is receding each day as civilization is constantly encroaching upon it. Forests, deserts and open spaces are disappearing. The ability to articulate these experiences in photographs and express them as art is a true blessing which I strive to hone and improve each time I in the field. Iam in constant awe of the natural world that surrounds us. The grace of Nature's architecture can never really be replicated by man, no matter how hard he may try to do so. Simply being in these wonderful and often ethereal places is nourishing to both mind and soul. The ability to articulate the experience in photographs is indeed a gift that I must share with others. I seek to express that single precious and timeless moment with its tug of the past and pull of the future;to put these ingredients into a two dimensional photograph capable of evoking in the viewer some semblance of the emotion of being there at that singular, never to be repeated moment. My goal is to translate the emotional reaction of the moment into the finished photograph.Each image is captured on film with large and medium format cameras. The film is then scanned on either a drum or specialized film scanner for the highest resolution. Every print is individually made through either the Giclee or Light Jet process.

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