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Photographer Robert Langham III

Robert Langham III

Robert Langham III is a photographer and teacher from Tyler, Texas, in the midst of the Piney Woods of NE Texas. He teaches and uses digital cameras, but employs film and the magic of the darkroom for his exhibition work. In 2014 he was an Artist-in-Residence at Hubbell Trading Post in Ganado, Arizona, and in 2016 he will be an Artist-in-Residence on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. He is acclaimed for his "Blackfork Bestiary" series of animals, and decades of work at Shiprock, N.M. His work is widely collected and featured in museums. He is excited to step out of the hardwood and pine forests of East Texas to a place where the trees are horizontal and made of rock.

Spider Rock Overlook, Canyon de Chelly, NM web
Spider Rock Overlook, Canyon de Chelly, NM - Robert Langham III

Robert Langham III


I’m passionate about landscape and the life it generates. The flora, fauna, and the intersection of human culture and the earth is where I look for my images. Coming from a very intimate landscape in the rolling forested hills of East Texas, it took time to adjust to the space and light of the West. I very much look forward to watching the light wash over the high desert at Petrified Forest, walking among the traces of an earlier culture, and taking time with fossilized remnants of time before Man.

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