Bill Meek & Denneen (Denny) Peterson Artists-in-Resident 2015

Bill Meek photo 0215
Quilter Bill Meek

Bill Miik

Bill Meek, who lives in Sahuarita, Arizona, received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Riverside in 1979.He worked for three decades as a biochemistry and medical research laboratory technician in Los Angeles and at the University of Arizona. In 2007 he began quilting after tagging along with his wife to "sew days" and quilt shops. After all, sewing machines are power tools for fabric! Friends and family members assembled the quilts and he did the quilting–the stitching to hold all layers of the quilt together.In 2007 he began piecing his own quilts and was immediately drawn to geometric and symmetrical designs. He designs his own quilts and pieces and quilts them precisely. He provides professional long-arm quilting services to other quilters. His "Sterling" quilt, honoring a fallen local firefighter, was accepted into the 2014 Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum "MANifestations" show of quilts made by men.

03 RED CROSS 2 by Bill Meek
Red Cross 2

Bill Meek


Bill Meek's quilts include "Lone Wolf," a quilt based on a traditional courthouse steps pattern, using fabrics depicting wolves in a snowy night scene;"Sterling," another traditional pattern, using firefighter fabrics, to honor a local volunteer firefighter who was killed; and a series of Navajo quilts based on traditional Navajo weavings and their colors. Bill is inspired by the outdoors, traditions, and history.He is intrigued by Native American art and
culture of the American Southwest. He is particularly drawn to ancient Puebloan archeology, anthropology, and the places they lived. He is also inspired by the natural history and beauty of the Colorado Plateau.

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Quilter Denneen (Denny) Peterson

Denny Peterson

Denny Peterson, a native of Tucson, Arizona, graduated from the University of Arizona in 1978 and received her law degree from Pepperdine University in 1981. For more than three decades Denny practiced law and she works part-time as a court mediator and judge pro tempore. Denny began quilting in the mid-1990's to have a creative activity. As she took classes from local and national level instructors, her quilting expertise grew and evolved. She taught quilting classes in a southern Arizona quilt shop for several years and learned new techniques to stay ahead of her students!Denny, now living in Sahuarita, Arizona south of Tucson, continues to explore various challenges in quiltmaking to make landscape quilts, animal "portrait" quilts, optical illusion quilts, and quilts made from fabric scraps (she has lots of those!).

She occasionally blogs at

06 JUST FUN by Denny Peterson cropped web
Just Fun Denny Peterson

Denny Peterson

Denny Peterson's quilts range from pieced and applique quilts based on traditional quilts to experimental and improvisational abstract and pictorial quilts. She has yet to finish her "Purple Sampler" which was her first "real" quilt from the 1990's, using traditional blocks.Other quilts have an outdoors theme such as "Elk in the High Country," Denny's design of a landscape quilt showing mountains, aspens, and a bull elk;"Golden Trout," a larger than life size design of the Golden Trout found in the California high country; and "Just Fun" which is an exploration of improvisational art quilting showing Sonoran Desert homes, flora, and fauna.She loves to hike, camp, and backpack and is amazed by the simplicity and complexity of nature. Denny is inspired by the great views of the southwestern United States and the plants and animals found there. Denny loves color and wants to hold fabric up to sunrise and sunset to see if she can match it.Denny longs to continue her experimentation in quiltmaking techniques to create textile images of animals, landscape, and ancient architecture.

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