The Preparator: A Survival Guide

The Preparator: A Survivor’s Guide

Scott Madsen

Working as a professional preparator can be a joyous, fulfilling and rewarding occupation, but it is not without its hazards to life, limb and psyche. This talk will examine some of those hazards and suggest practical tips on how to achieve a safe and happy work environment. Information from past talks and preparator surveys regarding occupational health will be presented with updates and case studies. Topics will include: dust and fume evacuation systems; radon hazards; common injuries sustained in the field and lab. Preventative measures to combat these hazards will be addressed including a discussion of the “Safety Culture” in the work place, the need for baseline physicals and suggestions on how to get what you need to mitigate safety issues- a safe workplace should be seen as a right, not a luxury. Additional topics will include a discussion of means to achieve a more prosperous and fulfilling career through the use of formal and informal mentoring programs, moonlighting and employee development opportunities. The reality of achieving these goals for all may be greatly facilitated by preparators taking it upon themselves to create a professional society or organization to represent our common interests.

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Last updated: March 16, 2018

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